Best 3 Ton Floor Jack 2023

You would like a floor jack which you could trust when working on your car. For mid to full-size trucks, cars, SUVs, and bigger vehicles which tip the scales in 6,000 lbs, we recommend picking a 3-ton automobile jack that is specifically made easier for you since it's on your car.





Powerzone 380044 3 Ton

Milestone Tools

Neiko Pro 20272B Premium


Performance Tool W1645

Performance Tool

Torin Big Red T83002 Pro


Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor


5 Best 3 Ton Floor Jack Review:

1. Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Aluminum

If you would like a good looking and heavy duty floor jack which will not break your bank, think about buying into Powerzone's 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Grage Jack. From first glance, you will see it is the sort of jack which will fit into almost any garage. This one is graded at 3 tons or roughly 6,000 pounds which sets it below the moderate to the heavy category.

You're able to lift from as much as 4 Inches to as large as 18.25 Inches utilizing the hydraulic system. Comparing it to identical floor jacks with fat in near 80 pounds, this one with aluminum weighs in at just less than 60 pounds (which is striking for 3-ton capacity). To safeguard your car's framework, the saddle is cushioned with a rather durable rubber mat. For anything that does not have overly low ground clearance, and then this floor jack is ideal.

2. Neiko Pro 20272B Premium Low Profile Aluminum

Built with durable industrial grade aluminum alloys, this port is both durable and lightweight, weighing just 5 7 pounds. The double plunger means faster and easier lifting, and with a variety of 3-3/4" minimum height up to max of 19-1/4". A dual safety valve provides you extra security by preventing it outside its own operational capacity. It's simple to transport, due to its dual-sided manages. For those who own an automobile with a minimal ground clearance, then this port may be a fantastic option to think about. Its low profile may lift an automobile not exactly two' off the earth.

3. Performance Tool W1645 Professional 3 Ton

Next up may be your Performance Tool W1645 floor port, a version well suited for several of your expert mechanisms searching for a trustworthy version. With a lifting capacity as much as 7,000 lbs., here really is actually the port that you require for durable lifting tasks- such as lifting the heavy trucks and machines. 1 thing which puts it in the other high-profile jacks will be a simple fact it includes a very low profile layout.

Therefore, it is possible to readily access it under any automobile, including people who have lower ground clearance. In accordance with the dog owner manual, then you can expect that this port to lift an automobile from as much as 4 inches as large as 25.5 inches!

Much like our previous (moment) model previously, this Performance Tool product boasts using a double pump mechanism that enables one to lift your car or truck considerably faster (and find the task done even more quickly).

Due to its casters are put to swivel readily, it is possible to readily move this very low profile round on floors. In addition, it is accompanied by an ordinary burden of 85 lbs., which means that you won't require plenty of attempts to go it around.

4. Torin Big Red T83002 Pro Series Heavy Duty Floor Jack

The T83002 isn't known as heavy responsibility for anything. And the best part is that it really lives up to its title. If you're working on a limited budget and need the greatest 3-ton floor jack on the current market, then this is the jack for you. The Torin T83002 is intended to support up to 6,000 lbs of weight that's ideal for heavy trucks, despite a load.

If you aren't certain how thick your vehicle is and so are concerned for the safety, do not be. The overload avoidance system it's fitted with will keep you secure at all times. Torin T83002 includes a lifting assortment of between 5.12 inches and 20.1 inches. With this port, you may indeed have the distance you want to work without needing to take bizarre and uncomfortable places on the floor.

5. Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack

This beautifully-crafted assistance jack includes a very low profile, a three-ton weight capacity and also a high-lifting stove, which makes it suited to vehicles which come in your driveway. The saddle shirt is constructed from a soft rubberized padding to stop some injury to your vehicle. More security features include both the skip and pressure valve, which prevents the port out of lifting lots heavier than it has the capacity.

As a result of the aluminum framework, the ALJ3T is lightweight and simple to put under your motor vehicle. Its two-piece handle allows comfortable usage as it includes padding at the base, and also certainly will snap into two individual parts for simple storage.The ALJ3T has caster wheels.

Both back wheels have ball bearings which allow easy rotation and swiveling. Additionally, you'll realize flooring hack is designed with 2 grips on both sides, which means it is easy to pick it up and save it above ground level.

Things to Consider When Buying:

Lift Capacity:

Each version of floor jack is able to that it could lift a car or truck. This ability is largely measured concerning tons. You, therefore, have to search for a floor jack which has the capability to raise the burden of your automobile; much because it might not need to lift the whole vehicle simultaneously. There are security measures that protect the top 3-ton floor jack from becoming spat.

Height Capability:

As the floor clearance degree is crucial, so is your highest height ability. Here is the greatest which the ground jack may achieve. This is significant since it determines the maximum elevation your vehicle may be increased when you'll need. This elevation, but doesn't go over 20 inches away from the floor thus a floor jack which reaches 18 to 20 inches can perform.

Construction Material:

What substance the three-ton floor jack consists of decides its dexterity, endurance, and also weight reduction. Most flooring jacks are manufactured from aluminum, steel or cast iron although, in some events, you may find one which is created from among them. The lighter the fabric, the simpler it is to work with. Aluminum is a popular option since it's light improving dexterity and it's likewise pretty powerful making it lasting.


Flooring jack is all designed with a typical profile or even a minimal profile. A very low profile floor jack permits you to the roster is beneath vehicles which have a very low ride height like sports automobiles.


Each floor jack has another minimal height and lifting stove. In the event, you have to lift you automobile a substantial distance away from the floor, or in case your lifting factors are large as a result of big tires then look at buying a floor jack using a tall lifting stove.

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