Best 4 Channel Amp 2023

Of all of the updates you'd consider having on peak of the list, an amplifier may be on your car system. For anybody who will need to install more than 1 speaker or feature a few speakers and a subwoofer in their system, the 4 Channel Amp should perform the trick.





Rockville 3200w


Hifonics ZRX1016.4


Rockford Fosgate

Rockford Fosgate


Alpine PDX-V9


JL Audio XD700/5

JL Audio

5 Best 4 Channel Amp Reviews:

1. Rockville 3200w Peak

The Rockville dB45 is just one of those few auto amplifiers capable. This is because of its total power output of 3,200W disperse across four channels. Constructed on circuitry, the dB45 is the most recent addition to the dB-Series of all amplifiers. 

The power management of the amplifier is the very best available as it hastens at 1,600 W RMS and 3,200 W while staying compliant with CEA-2006 criteria. The Rockville dB45 may be your alternative without costing too much if you're looking.

We discovered that the high-pass and reduced filters could balance the bass and the trebles attractively on subs and our speakers. Additionally, even there wasn't any sign of distortion or overheating.

2. Hifonics ZRX1016.4 Zeus

Here is another type A/B competition with capabilities that are exceptional. It comes with circuit boards which guarantee great support for years to come. Super provides high quality and the power efficiency of sound. Even if the volume is turned up, the circuitry utilized by Hifonics ZRX1016.4 contributes to a sleek, non-distorted high-end with much less heat buildup. 

This amp is reliable and we have seen. It is very linear and may be utilized as a standalone power source or as part of a much system that is more complex.

3. Rockford Fosgate P400X4

Willing to devote a little more? The Rockford Fosgate P400X4 stipulates a number of the very best sound out there at a 4-channel amp. There is more to offer you while it might seem the goods of competitor. Contrary to other class amps, their own circuitry layout has been employed by the business to take audio reproduction, although to reduce sound. It is an amp engineering quality through and through.

The amp has a heating control design utilizing microprocessor circuitry without needing to close off the amp to handle heat levels. An optional Punch EQ remote controller understands (sold separately) enables easy dash control of their bass level whilst driving. 1 drawback of this amp is that it's does not offer you input signal, but it will contain a 2/4 ch. input switch.

4. Alpine PDX-V9, 5-Channel Extreme Power

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For the element to your speaker system or the increase for a factory system, Alpine comes to the rescue make sure that your factory equipment can manage it if you are going that path. There is no"pop-on" or away sound whatsoever; whole silence during usage, which means that you may just enjoy your songs and nothing else. This sharp layout can be used with just and packs power that is immense.

If you are seeking to join upward your speakers to the version of Alpine, you will be all set. Electricity are only a couple of those reasons the version of Alpine is among the very amps now.

5. JL Audio XD700/5 5-Channel 700W

We do not mean power as we mean having the ability to take care of part speaker and 1 or 2 two subwoofers when we watched powerhouse. Highs and mids could be observed, all coming the size of a cigar box. Plenty of buttons may be jumped which makes it an audiophile's dream amp.

Things to Consider:

Sound Quality

There are variables and a couple attributes which will affect. A few of them include harmonic distortion, frequency response, sensitivity levels, and indicators, or THD. Qualities of this soundscape affect, and based on what you're currently listening to, a few will probably be more significant than others.


Power is dependent. Assess the speaker power rating, since this evaluation is exactly what you'll use to pick your 4 channel amplifier of your vehicle stereo. You'll look for a 4 channel amplifier which could put about 75 to 150% of the RMS number out. Remember that In case you've got a subwoofer, and assess its RMS score.


Since you'll add this you have to think about size and positioning. Placement of a 4 channel amplifier is generally under a chair or in the back. Since the match has to be perfect it is extremely important that you pick where you would like to put in your amplifier before you buy one. Then you are going to risk ruining not just your automobile but your automobile's interior if the match isn't perfect.

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