Best Belt Sanders – Review and Buying Guide

Several specialists force for their woodworking students advantage of utilizing side planes for woodworking that is exceptional. Like sanding, nothing can create a surface as smooth. Having said that, it needs a great cope of abilities and expertise let alone analyzing how to fine tune and enhance them.

Even though a belt-sanding tool isn't an option for help planes at all, in case your primary demand for help planes would be to level out sections which can be pasted-up, you simply might get by using the belt sander that is best.





Makita 9403


WEN 6502


Hitachi SB8V2 9.0 Amp


Genesis GBS321A




Things you should know about before you get the Best belt sanders.

Weight And Electricity:

You definitely don't want world-shattering energy for the majority of the jobs that are sanding, which means this wouldn't be a main concern. Obviously, added electricity for equal cost is definitely an excellent thing to get, so it's better compare and to assess motor amperage’s from one belt sanding layout to another.

Belt sanders are mostly found in the area that was flat. But in case you might have to utilize this tool from top to bottom or maybe expense and run a great piece of house rehabilitation work, then you must pay attention of the weight scores.

Variable Speed:

Most belt sanders possess the changing rate, which varies anywhere between 500 fpm to 1500 fpm. Whereas others possess a speed dialer to enable you to choose any speed in between several advanced programs got two exceptional rates of function. If you're planning to put it to use for some programs buying a changing speed sander is a reasonable choice.

Belt Shifting:

Most sanders out there allow straps to switch fast and immediately - all it needs would be to alter drive it during the design to tighten up it and a belt will be to take the pressure.

Some tools have automated tracking, although some feature a soft button before the belt rests in the guts of the steel dish that eases the belt involving the paint rollers which you convert.

Dust Collector

In case your partner will not be pleased with all the dust determining in the work room, another cash that the dust enthusiast expenses is going to be value it for those who happen to be doing plenty of sanding jobs or. Most originators supply a minimum of one belt sander repaired having a dust fan by means of a tube or an onboard dirt bag.

5 Best Belt Sanders Review

1. Makita 9403 4″ x 24″ Belt Sander with Cloth Dust Bag

The broad 4” belt enables users to remove lots of stuff at once but you won’t go deaf using it that keep down the noise level.

The big front handle is comfortable to work with and control with a simple lever control which makes shifting sanding belts quick, straightforward and easy.The entire sander offers a speed of 1640 feet per minute and just weighs 13 pounds so that you may get jobs done fast.

The ceramic wear plate removes long maintenance intervals and is replaceable. The low profile reduces gouging and provides equilibrium to the sander. The maze building shields them and seals the motor and bearings.

Dust is going to be kept using the attached, fabric dust bag that swivels 360 degrees to a minimum. The cordcan be found on the top part of the handle for convenience.

2. WEN 6502 4 x 36-Inch Belt and 6-Inch Disc Sander

You recall that we mentioned some belt sanders are designed for professional programs and hefty? At this moment, it's the top belt sander with plenty of happy owners.

Add capabilities and the striking features you get the main product of this type and it offers. The best parts of the tool are the sanding disc along with the belt sander.

It's also the sole tool in this price range that offers both of these attributes. Sanding belt may be tipped, which undoubtedly makes it useful and increasingly accurate.

You are offered by this add-on to any part that is exact sand. The foundation is manufactured from cast iron, making it immune and incredibly hefty to the shakings.

But, a variation is offered by the producer using a foundation generated from steel. In both situations, you may get 4.3 Amp electric motor supplying 3.600 RPM. The final attribute is the tension sanding paper replacement. It lets you replace a sanding paper in under ten seconds.

3. Hitachi SB8V2 9.0 Amp 3-Inch-by-21-Inch

The Hitachi SB8V2’s support life is twice longer than additional belt sanders due to the wear-resistant and tough -gear.

It will be likely to easily sand occupations in corners due to the placement of the dust bag that's to the left side of the body along with the tool is flush with each of the belt pulley.

The clear front cover, comfy and soft, elastomer- a changing rate dial are other characteristics that makes this Hitachi belt sander a favorite in a number of garages and covered handle on the main and sub handles.

4. Genesis GBS321A 3-Inch-by-21-Inch

The key fact relating to this tool is that it's an incredibly well made variation of versions that are more expensive, therefore it comes with just about all of the features 3 times more that an expensive versions have.

Don’t expect the amazing quality nor the impressive improvements, as versions have, nevertheless it can be utilized for most of the requirements. Dust bag, paired with flexible handle makes in this one better than all others.

These add-ons allow you to utilize it inside a house also to get to narrow spaces. Exactly the same edge is shared by the layout which is narrow at the same time.

Fixing speed on the sanding belt can be acquired at the same time. Every one of this makes it a useful tool which can be utilized by the majority of the users; also most of the demands will meet. The key problem with this particular version is the electric motor. It isn’t quite strong, so that it won’t be potential to make use of it in the building company, but it's good for programs that are small.


The 8 amp, 3” x 21 belt sander is one of our best choices that offers versatility and power. This sander can be used for more heavy jobs like sanding floors, fixing or fine tuning table tops as well as other endeavors which have big areas that should be sanded.

Options that come with the Porter Cable 352VS belt sander contain an all-metal housing that adds enough weight to allow it to be unnecessary to press down that provides the tool a fine solid feel to it, and while you sand.

The varying speed ranges from 850 SFPM to 1300 SFPM, supplying lots of speed to look after big sanding jobs immediately.

The fast release belt change lever makes transforming sanding belts productive and fast. Other characteristics include an extra-large dust collection bag that swivels 360 degrees therefore it could be transferred out of the way when you're standing in tight spaces.

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