Best Bike Panniers 2020

Biking today is inseparable from a healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle. Whether you are pedaling to drive your kids to the day care center, cycling your daily commute, going on treks lasting several days or just taking a short trip in glorious sunshine, you'll surely need a lot of bike accessories.

Your bike helmet protects you from falling, a bicycle lock is the brazen thieves in the way. A Bike Panniers helps you to carry your luggage safely and with maximum comfort. These bags are optimally adapted to the transport of various goods by bike and therefore recommended to all who regularly use the bike.





Ibera Bike Pannier


ArcEnCiel Bike Trunk


Ibera Bicycle Side-Mounting


BV Bike Bag Bicycle


BV Bike Panniers Bags


Buying Guide 

The large product comparison on not only presents several bestsellers from this category, but also helps you to get an overview of the diverse product range. With this compact purchase guide, we also give you a practical guide to make a mature purchase decision.

Which type of bag do you need? 

Our classification proposal gives you a practical way to choose the appropriate model from seven types and several subtypes. If you want to carry a lot of luggage by bike, rear wheel bags are usually the best choice. A luggage carrier bag and a handlebar bag are ideal for a limited amount of cargo. The frame and saddlebags are only suitable for small items, regardless of the model.

The front wheel pockets come into play when you have already exhausted all other capacities. tip: You can carry your smartphone with you both with a suitable frame bag and with a handlebar bag. All in all, it is worthwhile for most bicycle users to buy several bicycle bags in order to always store their luggage sensibly.

Which bicycle model is suitable for which type of bag?  

Virtually all bicycle bag models can be easily attached to a classic men's bike, from a luggage carrier bag to the rear wheel bags to a frame bag. For a women's bike, a frame bag is not the first choice. To take a smartphone with you, then access a suitable handlebar bag.

A mountain bike must be understandably retrofitted with a luggage rack for the entrainment of rear wheel or luggage carrier bags. The front wheel bags inevitably require a special device with which no bicycle is factory-fitted.

How much cargo do you usually carry? 

Of course, the answer to this question depends on the choice of a bicycle bag with a certain volume. The three-in-one combo bags are the most impressive, with a set of two rear wheel bags in second place, followed by a single rear wheel bag, a luggage carrier bag and a handlebar bag.

For a bike tour we recommend panniers with a minimum volume of 40 liters or more. For a supermarket shopping a double pack of rear wheel bags is often the right solution. To carry sports items, a few books or papers, a luggage carrier or handlebar bag is sufficient.

Are you an all-weather cyclist or just a fair-weather cyclist? 

Depending on how the answer to this question turns out, the material of your new bike bag plays a major or rather secondary role in your purchase decision. All current models are characterized by a high quality of materials: The nylon or polyester fabric is durable, tear-resistant and protects your luggage from the ingress of moisture.

We recommend fabrics with a thickness of 600D, where the unit D (denier) the weight in Indicates grams of a 9,000-meter-long yarn. The higher this value, the stronger and therefore more robust the fibers and, accordingly, the fabric. For confident all-weather cyclists, it pays to pay particular attention to whether the material is waterproof.

Should the bike bag be impregnated? 

Thanks to a special impregnation, the textile fabric is covered with a water-impermeable protective layer. Then you can be sure that your utensils will weather any storm unscathed. Use the bike only occasionally for a trip, usually enough a bicycle bag made of water-repellent material. This also withstands a short shower easily, but will fail in a cloudburst or continuous rain.

What does your luggage look like? 

The more diverse your luggage, the more we recommend to pay attention to the inner workings of a bicycle bag. Not a few models can score with several, partly padded, inner and side pockets. Mesh compartments, compartments with Velcro and zippers, side pockets with additional inner compartments, extra compartments for bicycle accessories and drinks - there is also a suitable compartment for every type of cargo.

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