Best Blade Putters 2022

In this guide, we will review the very best putters to purchase. By now you've tried your fair share of mallet putters and blade putters, and you've decided that blade putters will be the right fit for the golf game and putting stroke.





Odyssey Men's White

Amazon Renewed

Wilson Men's Augusta


Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0


TaylorMade Golf

Bettinardi Golf


5 best blade putters Reviews:

1. Odyssey Men's White Hot

The new White Hot RX is a sterile looking square heel-toe optional blade putter that enhances the White Hot functionality by incorporating a cushioned inner heart supporting the insert for a soft feel, while also stiffening up the outer layer to get pace throughout the ball. An oval-textured clear coating on the surface raises friction to get the ball rolling quicker away from the face. The White Hot Blade Putter texture is much better compared to earlier putters. They have shot the Legendary White Hot Insert Technology and united it with a Dual layer injected molded insert which has a softer core, so that you buy a putter that is really nice in feel and speed.

2. Wilson Men's Augusta Golf Putter

Wilson Men's Augusta Golf Putter is your least expensive putter on the listing, including a robust and straightforward layout. As a result of its simplicity and cost, we urge it to novices. The putter is constructed from steel (using all the brass finish on the mind ), providing adequate roll and texture. In reality, the clasp is most likely the item's most notable feature, which makes it quite easy to use. The one issue is the shortage of assistance with the orientation (a straightforward color line will help tremendously). Also, it may be embarrassing for users that are left. Aside from that, it functions well, particularly once you consider the purchase price.

3. Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Putter

The white-hot Guru 2.0 no 1 Putter could be your traditional blade layout, and style duffers like together using all the White Hot fit which create Odyssey a PGA Tour mainstay--also you'll be able to place it inside the luggage. This putter is folded throat hosel and classic, made to optimize accuracy, alignment and texture complete rotating counter, using accurate weighting. The White Hot insert is laser produced enhanced audio off the facial and roll that is quick, for operation. Alignment marks about the putter's top-line boost perspiration consequences around and improve service.

4. TaylorMade Golf

The TaylorMade Spider has become the hottest putter in the PGA Tour for many decades now. But that does not imply that it is a putter created explicitly for its best players on the planet; in actuality, there is a lot for novice and intermediate players to enjoy.

5. Bettinardi Golf BB29 Putter

Bettinardi makes mythical putters, along with the BB show, continues the tradition. The Bettinardi Golf BB29 Putter is produced from a proprietary combination of soft carbon steel, for outstanding quality in fabrication and textures on effect. It's a traditional heel-toe weighted blade layout, which weighs 350 g. The stealth black end has a matte coating to decrease glare and enhance aiming visibility while offering more exceptional durability than other endings. It includes a top-quality deep toaster corded Lamkin grip. Bettinardi putters are an excellent piece of equipment, engineered to the most exceptional detail, and the distinctive black and yellow design is a fashionable statement to cooperate with these unique putters.

Things to Consider:


A clasp is the sole link between you and your club and shouldn't be purchased without focusing on how it helps your team function. For golfers with grips that are conventional, conventional grips can match. Other golfers with the reverse-hand grip or claw methods can discover that non-taper layouts or oversize grips assist them in creating their very best stroke.


Head weight influence in the design of how a participant squares the face up in the time of this strike. The clasp weight is significantly crucial concerning choosing a personal appearance and texture. It has importance in the swing weight. If the grip is milder, it will offer the participant with a denser weave of your mind, while a milder clasp will allow the player to have gentler mind texture. A few gamers test best the counterweight. Counterweight happens by merely adding some excess weight to the peak of the putter.

Putter Shaft Length

After picking your chairs of selection, ensuring it is constructed to your position comes next. Putters are offered in lengths of 34, 33, and 35-inches. These spans will fit a broad selection of golfers; however, custom lengths are available to assist you to dial in your setting. Being aware of what extent to perform on your background depends upon your position and putter hold. However you decide to stand, and what grip you employ when placing, a few tips can help you to get the most out of your new team.

Toe Balance

These are such putters whose toe will tip into the floor once the user equilibrium the rotating shaft on the finger. This suggests that the middle of the gravity isn't just under the axis of the rotating shaft. These are acceptable for all those gamers who perform with an arc within their strokes.

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