Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet 2023

Riding a bike is one of the most astounding things that may happen to the lifetime of somebody. It makes it possible to have the freedom of driving and sense nature's form of weather. But riders who do not have protective gear might need to pay the price for this liberty.





Bilt Techno 2.0 Sena


ILM Bluetooth Integrated


Torc T14B Bluetooth


IV2 Falcon 967


VCAN Blinc 210 Full


5 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Reviews:

1. Bilt Techno 2.0 Sena Bluetooth Modular Helmet

Double visors are a blessing for motorcyclists who wish to protect their eyes also pick when they want some extra help deflecting sunlight. The Bilt Techno 2.0 Sena includes that dual-visor setup, incorporating a bigger outside visor to help keep your face shielded and an inner "drop-down sunshine shield" when you are in bright places. The helmet is constructed from an injection molded polycarbonate casing and contains a chin-mounted venting system to maintain air flowing through your trip.

The built-in Bluetooth operate can stream your audio and ease calls. You might even use the headphone to listen on GPS directions even though you're driving. There is no installation required with all the built in Bluetooth, and it is going to work on any smartphone, such as iPhones along with Android-based handsets.

2. ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face

Whenever you have this complete face Bluetooth Integrated bike, you are going to have the ability to listen to music through your Bluetooth compatible MP3 player in addition to looking to GPS voice commands. The helmet's Bluetooth additionally affirms an intercom between two passengers within a distance of around 1000 feet. When the helmet has been billed, it may go about 110 hours standby or 2 hours of continuous talk time.

The built-in anti-noise mike cancels out all of the sounds while the weather-resistant substance creates the helmet ideal to be used in almost any weather. Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Total Face Helmet

3. Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet

The Mako helmet is called after the speediest found shark in the sea. That is your first sign that this is 1 rad Bluetooth helmet. It is designed to provide exceptional Bluetooth connectivity at the same time you zoom down the street.

The helmet includes a noteworthy aerodynamic framework that encourages relaxation while riding very quickly. It is remarkably lightweight in comparison to the majority of street versions, and that means you will feel only comfy when riding. More to the point, it is going to keep you attached to a Bluetooth-enabled device no matter how much you're riding.

The liner in the helmet is made of superb comfort cushioning made by capsules to match the precise shape of the mind. It's vented to stop stuffiness from construction inside whatever the speed. The Bluetooth is very well installed since you're able to enjoy far better GPS navigation using this helmet compared to many.

4. IV2 Falcon 967 - "SPEED DEMON" High Performance Dual Visor

That is just another Bluetooth motorcycle helmet which accompanies a broad spectrum of qualities that cannot be seen in a lot of the helmets from some other businesses. Contrary to other helmet manufacturers that still use Bluetooth 2.0, IV2 helmets have been outfitted with all Bluetooth 3.0and also an excellent update. Riders may make calls, listen to their favorite music and receive instructions using GPS.

The helmet is accompanied by an anti-fog visor and plenty of different features to make the ride comfortable for your users. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the particular helmet. VCAN Blinc 210 Total Icelandic Helmet.

5. VCAN Blinc 210 Full Modular Helmet

Merchandise for both security and connectivity comes from one color choice using a matte finish. Bluetooth among the very best in the group together with intercom, GPS, audio, calls supplied with just two speakers is a bonus point to select for. As stated the brand has functioned more about the security compared to the layout.

The visor is secure from each effect and will shield the rider from serious harms. It is comfy lining and material make it among the preferred. Lightweight and sturdy cloth design can help you use it through long journeys.

Comes together in class Bluetooth 2.0 using GPS attribute along with also a standby from the time of 600 hours. An individual may talk for regular 15 hours with no hands and use a clear voice quality guaranteed at high rates too.

Things to Consider:


Using a Bluetooth helmet, you have to reply, continue and resolve discussions almost hands-free. All contemporary smartphones are outfitted with the capacity to utilize Bluetooth receivers.

Aside from phone capability, these five most excellent Bluetooth bike helmets have 2 or multiline communication options; communication with nearby family and friends is created intricately simpler.

Bluetooth Range

Bluetooth devices have a rather modest operation range compared to shortwave radios, radios and other communication apparatus. Generally, the getting or transmitting apparatus has to be within a specific range from the Bluetooth helmet for transparent communication to happen.

By way of instance, a cyclist who's with their Smartphone his audio listening device will have to get it relatively near him (e.g. within their pocket) to get a suitable link to be set.


It's not a good idea to wear a black helmet at nighttime. That is because black helmets aren't observable at night and so you may be conducted over by trucks. You need to look at buying a helmet that's bright in color to ensure truck drivers and other motorists can see you during the night also.

Placing to a dark helmet at night isn't advisable as nobody will even realize that you're riding.


The total number of microwaves generated with a Bluetooth device is regarded as less than or equal to that particular by the typical phone. To avoid exposure to such waves, then the Bluetooth device in helmets is generally found on the outside region of the helmet.

As an alternative to conventional telephones, which can be held quite near the face, you also are able to opt to use helmets in case of exposure to harmful waves of radiation is something which concerns you. If you already happen to utilize a cell phone, these fears are unfounded.


The form of this helmet is one thing which you ought to put into serious thought. The helmets are in various shapes which fit the minds of distinct men and women. You need to select one who takes the form of your account to stop from purchasing one which may be too large or too small on your account.

The various shapes can also be designed to serve multiple functions. One which is curved is the one who can perfectly match everybody.

GPS Handling

GPS navigational controller is your Holy Grail of all Bluetooth technologies for bike fans. With those helmets, you get real-time and in-ear GPS advice at each twist; you also won't need to pull and pull out your map. Though GPS solutions are created for bikers, all of them require focus and may be hard to operate.

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