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In this modern age, there are various sorts of chest rig offered in the marketplace. Picking the ideal kind of chest rig that's compact and lightweight may turn into a challenging undertaking. That is the reason it's essential to get accustomed to the various kinds of chest replacements. Get to understand their different purposes so that you can make an educated choice.





5.11 LBE Vest


Condor Recon Chest Rig


Lancer Tctical CA-307

Lancer Tctical

Condor Tactical Rapid Assault

Condor Outdoor

UTG 547 Law Enforcement


5 Best Chest Rig Review:

1. 5.11 LBE Vest

5.11 comes with an excellent reputation in the army and law enforcement community, and its products such as this one which make it simple to know why this is. The LBE vest 5.11 includes a fantastic structure. The layout permits you to take advantage of this MOLLE system.

In other words, that the PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) webbing is dispersed correctly for the attachment of lots of equipment. The spacing can also be excellent for heat and very lovely in hot surroundings. The YKK zippers and dual and triple stitching also testify for the vests high excellent construction.

Additionally, the durability of this jacket doesn't sacrifice comfort. The coat makes it possible for a vast selection of movement and remains in position when on the go. If you would like to build a vest out with time, this is a good base which will make it possible for you to add to update the machine as you move, this is the sock for you.

2. Condor Recon Chest Rig

The Condor Recon chest rig is indeed a fundamental rig that supplies a fantastic value for your money -- comprising three built-in kangaroo-type mag pouches which will hold around six pistol mages plus also six M4 mages, this torso rig also includes a detachable push-button release buckle in addition to a cushioned cross-back shoulder strap which plans to spread its weight evenly.

Even though the mag carriers cannot be transferred (unlike it occurs with other torso rings, in which the components are entirely detachable), they are put in the ideal position, letting you rapidly pull the ammo within minutes.

If it has to do with the cross-back shoulder straps, then it has to be stated the Condor Recon torso rig's straps have been intended to fit tightly -- although you can't connect the straps into a belt, so you don't have to be worried about the torso rig being loose.

3. Lancer Tctical CA-307 Modular Chest Rig PALS

The Lancer Tactical CA 307 chest rig is a contemporary tactical rig which comes complete with sufficient components to receive any shot began. The Lancer Tactical Kit is similar to some additional chest rig you'll find in the industry. It is complete with side and front MOLLE panels to adapt the three comprised pouches.

There's also a sizeable removable hydration carrier which could attach to the rear of the torso. This may change a 3-liter hydration bladder to remain hydrated on the move. The rear panel hydration company also comes outfitted with MOLLE webbing and panels which permits you to equip accessories and equipment.

Additionally contained is a triple magazine pouch which could hold two awards each bag. This provides you a total of 6 novels. In addition, you get two significant accessory components which may be used for much different equipment including building a health kit, a technology kit, or whatever else you will need.

4. Condor Tactical Rapid Assault Chest Rig

Designed to produce shooters light and fast, the Condor creates some small sacrifices concerning capacity. You're able to carry six novels, but this is it. The Assault torso rig does provide several MOLLE straps to include extra components since the user sees fit.

Despite the fact that you begin with space for six publications you can add four magazine components comfortably. The writings pouches are in fact built into the vest, involving the rear of the torso rig along with front MOLLE pouch. These magazine pouches aren't dual magazine pouches, however, just one layout that runs six publications from left to right.

The books have been ensured by an elastic ring over the conclusion of every magazine.

5. UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest

You ought to not have any doubt in mind that the firm UTG will give you excellent shoddy merchandise. UTG Tactical continues to win the work of supplying and providing law enforcement with the most lasting and safest Techniques and combat offers. They've incredibly durable goods, and also you do not need to think about them falling apart.

In addition to this, this vest is very comfortable, and it is mesh design allows for lots of venting. Overall this is a substantial excellent vest which you ought to feel secure using law enforcement or even a military kind scenario. UTG is a business that's made for battle operators by battle operators, and they understand what you may need when the shit hits the fan.

I would suggest this to some law enforcement officers for it is the durable and comfortable layout.

Things to Consider:


This variable shouldn't be ignored if you're searching for a high rated version. Try to purchase one using cross-back shoulder straps which are additionally cushioned, reducing the strain in your spine and letting you take your mulch over extended distances without a probability of growing backaches.

It's also a fantastic idea to get some excess net in your spine which will continue to keep your body out of overheating at elevated temperatures.


There ought to be ample quantity of Mag components offered to keep your M4 mags conveniently. On the outside of those pouches, in case there are webbed distances integrated, it is possible to hang additional equipment pouches, AK components, etc. quickly.

Make sure that there are 6 Mag components provided that will capably store 12 Mags. These elements should have elastic strings to affix the Mags from the parts. Additionally, be sure that you try to find a chest rig which has open-top Mag components for simple access, fast reloading, and flexible use.


Though your strategic rig must function functional and operational purposes, you should not compromise when it comes to durability and security. The fabric of the gear, in addition to its zippers, ought to be powerful enough to endure a rough and tumble lifestyle while the equipment must sit securely in their areas irrespective of your actions. Possessing a quick push-button release letting you remove immediately it's also preferable.


A torso rig has to be intentionally intended to be lightweight in character. Since it'll be loaded with different fasteners and attachments, so it'll be a lot heavier to take the rig. Thus, the design of this platform with no loaded equipment Has to Be lightweight to Decrease the exhaustion of the consumer.

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