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Any Scuba Diving specialist will recommend purchasing a computer. This is only because they enable you to dive more and safer than if you just dive dip table off. Having your dive computer is the thing to do if it comes to the security and enjoyment of this game. However, with such a wide variety of dive computer packed with price points and so many attributes, finding the one that is best for you can look hopeless. In this post you will find 5 best dive computer and some other things to consider when buying it.





Shearwater Research Perdix Dive


Suunto D4i Novo Watch


Cressi Leonardo Dive Computer


Suunto Zoop Novo Dive Computer


Cressi Giotto Wrist Computer


5 Best Dive Computer Reviews:

1. Shearwater Research Perdix Dive Computer

As soon as it's about this Geo's purchase price, it's plenty of updates that we believe make it. This one includes a full, 3D compass that is built to maintain the dip. It works with almost any kind of AA battery options that are rechargeable. It is Bluetooth-enabled! It's not necessary to purchase cables. Syncing it is possible. The screen is big and flat, making a design compared to our recommendations. Additionally, it is bright, using a high contrast ribbon that's quite simple to see in conditions.

2. Suunto D4i Novo Watch

Suunto has updated their favorite D4i wristwatch using the newest and fashionable D4i Novo, and besides the bright, fresh colors, there are a couple of adjustments that make this a diver's delight. It contains an intuitive control panel that allows you tinker around and personalize the settings and has the four button navigation because of the version. The buttons aren't big, but they're raised enough to enable you to press on them if you're wearing gloves. Here is what the Suunto D4i will reveal to you whenever you're within the water.

The present depth of water, the total thickness, elapsed dive time along with the No stop time (most prominent characters). If you activate the free manner, you receive access to this airtime and the psi is exhibited in a form plus a form on the left side. A bar graph indicates the speed of ascent.

3. Cressi Leonardo Dive Computer

That is hands down one of the most significant beginners dive computers in the marketplace. The Leonardo is a must-have for scuba divers searching for their equipment and going into the game. Just one button interface makes it effortless to Program Air, Nitrox and Gauge modes the time you select on up the computer. The one button layout makes it enjoyable to toggle styles and also you won't have lost in menus or need to be concerned about multiple button combinations.

Press to toggle styles or progress hold to put on the list or pick. Easy and effective. It may be reset and holds around 60 drops in memory makes it a fantastic pick for dip centers or leases. It is also possible to receive those who like to maintain a dive log a PC port for it.

What do you get together with the Cressi Leonardo dip computer? Pretty much, just what it claims: a simple to use design aimed at newer divers or people who "just need to dip." The display is almost two inches wide and easy to browse, with numerical display and no abbreviations.

The dip display shows battery level, NDL, maximum depth, dive time, depth and temperature, whereas the alternative shows PO2 setting gas mixture and conservatism element.

4. Suunto Zoop Novo Dive Computer Wrist Watch

Similar in layout this computer delivers a massive screen (40mm) and is quite simple to read at a glance. Like a few computers tend to possess everything is nicely laid out, and there are no abbreviations. The menu system is simple to navigate, and functions and all of the buttons are labeled. The Suunto Zoop is a dip computer.

While being rather necessary, it will have both Air and Nitrox (21 percent to 50 percent) working modes. You cannot change gas manners underwater which can be a bit. It's much too large to be worn as a lookout, although additionally, it has a time of day display. The display shuts off.

5. Cressi Giotto Wrist Computer

There's very little that you will come to realize that the Cressi firm isn't involved in when it comes to dipping. The Cressi Giotto might be the dive computer that the business has tried. It is. The Giotto is an entry level dive computer that is strictly, but it's remarkably good at what it's supposed to perform.

You can Pick out of Nitrox Air, and modes. They also have worked out a new algorithm which enables decompression dives calculations. This is geared towards dives. There are two reasons for my setting the Giotto.

The first is that this is a dive computer that is easy to utilize. This computer's three-button layout means that application, it's easy for everyone to know, and usage. The HD display is crystal clear with each of the info displayed in numbers and text.

All you need to do is look at the computer to find everything that you want to do. The rationale is that regardless of the simplicity there are still lots of features. As an example, you can log in roughly 70 hours' worth of dive times.

Things to Consider:

Diving Style:

If you're a beginner scuba diver, it's ideal to purchase a straightforward, simple to use a computer using a significant screen. It confuses you or will not distract you. You'll have the ability to use your computer, as soon as you advance your ability level. Divers and more experienced should think about searching for a model that is more sophisticated. As behind a compass, dive planning and also gas combinations for navigation features are all significant at this level. You'll require a computer having an apnea or freediving mode for freedivers or even a ski model if you do freediving.


Wrist computers enable you to have all of your data. The best thing about this design is that it's easier to see and more streamlined. There are two types of wrist machines, the one which appears you are wearing a hockey puck. And, which means that you may wear it on land a watch fashion which looks a watch appearances. This style will be costlier than its counterparts. Divers that want to have their instruments should consider getting a computer. A version is come in by many.


If you are taking a look at buying other big-ticket scuba equipment like BCDs and regulators, look at obtaining a ski package bargain. Amazon is an excellent place. The benefits of this choice are its one-stop shopping, and you can spare a great deal of money. The drawback is that ca choose which equipment is ideal for you. Many folks adore many others, and these packages want to pick every single piece of gear out. In any event, it is well worth looking into.

Different gases

Even though diving with compressed air is by far the most popular choice, some anglers also utilize Nitrox and Trimix throughout their immersions. Consider if you will need a dive computer which can calculate mixtures that are different based on the sort of diver you're.


Complex models can be quite pricey. In case you don't require advanced capabilities, you do not need to purchase the pc. If you are just getting into diving, then computers that are fantastic can be found by you from $200-$400. For the versions that are top start from $500.

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