Best Electric String Trimmer 2023

When you're keeping up the excellence of your property, string trimmers are an essential part of understanding that flawless and clean look. Wild development can slither over your walkways, attack your garden, and climb your dividers on the off chance that it isn't curtailed frequently.

String trimmers arrive in a couple of alternatives, for example, electric or gas-controlled, straight or bent outline, and the little components that make work easier.

As you will find many types of electric string trimmer in the market, you have to know details about the best electric string trimmer.

The guide and best electric string trimmer are following.





EGO Power+ ST1502

EGO Power+






Black & Decker

WORX GT 2.0 WG160


How to choose Best Electric String Trimmer

For picking up a right electric string trimmer, following guide will help you a lot. So, carefully read it.

Trimmer Design

There are many things that you should consider before buying or selecting an electric string trimmer. Trimmer design is one of them. You must think about it when you will first choose an electric string trimmer for you or your close relatives.

Trimmer design always should simple but eye-catching. A design says about the personality of the user. There are various types of string trimmer design in you nearly market. Developers have made string trimmer in different sizes. The averages size of the trimmer is 12” to 13” but you can select for you different sizes trimmer.

Power & Battery

Power and battery are the heart of a machine. Without powerful or strong battery a machine can’t go long run. So, when you will go to the market for buying a string trimmer, must check the battery power.

Cordless trimmers can deal with grass and weeds in a little yard, and they are anything but difficult to hurl in the storage compartment when it's your switch to clean Grandmother's patio.

The rechargeable twelve-volt battery indicates no bothering with electrical ropes or gas-oil blends, and buying an extra battery pack will relieve the drawback of the brief operate time.

String Features

Features are what tell you the details about the machine or any product. You can understand the activities of the product through seeing the features. So, it is the most important considerable thing to choose the best electric string trimmer.

A good electric string trimmer will offer you fast loading so that you can reduce your time from late loading. It has an adjustable shaft that permits you to change the working height of the trimmer. You will also see cutting swath that means the area of the cutting of the trimmer.

Warranty & Support

Warranty and support will give you ensure the product. If your product will not work properly, you can repair it from the particular place without any charge but for it, you must have valid warranty papers. If your warranty date is expired, you can’t do repair free. You have to give the charge for repairing

You will see the difference among the warranty time. Some product will give 3 years where others will give 2, 4 or 5 years. So, before buying electric string trimmers, please notice on the warranty time in order to get extra advantages.

Five Best Electric String Trimmer Reviews

Though many electric string trimmer have arranged in the market, I have selected the best electric string trimmers. They have high-quality features so I am calling it best. Let’s see without wasting time.

01. EGO Power+ ST1502 56V 2.5Ah Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless String Trimmer

The EGO power+ 15 in. string Trimmer is the another, enormous stride up in energy and comfort for cordless string trimmers. 

The Power+ 56-Volt Lithium-Ion battery and another, high-productivity brushless engine convey the execution of gas without the sound, fuss, and fumes. The 15 in. cutting swath and developed aluminum shaft make for productive trimming around your yard.

The advanced EGO Power+ 56-Volt battery utilizes business-leading Arc-Lithium innovation to provide energy beyond belief and is perfect with all EGO Power+ Items. You will also get:

  • The speed of variable.
  • The business motor which is very high-efficient.
  • It has Dual-feed twist line with 0.095 in. Diameter

02. DEWALT DCST990H1 40V MAX 6.0 Ah Lithium Ion XR String Trimmer

DEWALT DCST990H1 40V MAX 6.0 Ah Lithium Ion XR String Trimmer is another good tool to the user. This String Trimmer components have a variable velocity trigger to provide you exact speed to manage when required with power and overall performance to handle thick development.

The double line bump feed head clears an entire 15 in., along with the protected gear drive style amplifies torque enclosed inside a metallic gear case for high sturdiness

03. WORX WG168 40-volt Lithium Cordless Grass Trimmer and Edger

Trying to keep a garden's edges thoroughly clean and clean needs a device that will make the activity simple and swift to complete. 

For most people, these instruments are difficult to control and move amid trimming and edging; they would prefer not to feel they have another dreary job in hand.

The WORX WG168 40-volt Lithium Cordless Grass Trimmer and Edger is a fantastic decision for trimming and edging assignments, being solid, light to utilize and simple to handle. With its high-power 40-volt battery, the instrument has the power to handle the most demanding of trimming and edging operations.


BLACK+DECKER LCC140 40V MAX Lithium Ion String Trimmer is one of the best electric string trimmers that you will find in any market. 

In a short time, it has gained more popularity than others.

It will give you 40v MAX 36v nominal voltage program that ensures you the best performance. 

The maker of this product includes the two-in-one unit that the trimmer can change its blade easily and it can be used for cleaning. For Continuing the cutting program effortlessly, here has added 13-inch cutting blade.

05. WORX GT 2.0 WG160 Cordless Lithium Grass Trimmer/Edger and Mini Mower

If you are tired of hauling around a weighty, smelly gas trimmer? Or tripping over the wire on an electrical 1? Then new tool WORX GT 2.0 WG160 Cordless Lithium Grass Trimmer/Edger and Mini Mower can work for you perfectly.

Utilizing the WORX trimmer is as basic as sliding in the battery back and squeezing the "On" button. You don't need any gas tank to fill, any cord to pull, any attempting to an open air electrical outlet. Simply press and go. 

Obviously, you do need to prepare to guarantee that the battery pack will be charged when you require it.

You can use this tool as a general string trimmer. In this redesigned edition, WORX has expanded the trimming distance across to an entire 12", permitting you to trim a decent, wide swath.

Bottom Line

This is very important to know about the best electric string trimmer but there is no easy answer for it. In this total post, I have shared all the technique you can apply when you will buy you favorite electric string machine. You can apply this method without any hesitate.

Another part of this article is 5 best electric string trimmers. I have tried my best to reveal best electric trimmer in here. Among the 5 best electric string trimmer you can choose anyone what you want.

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