Best Free Standing Punching Bag 2020

Whether you're an athlete or a fitness enthusiast, kicks and punches are among the most effective methods to maximize your muscle power and perform a comprehensive workout. Rather than buying hanging punching bags, you can elect for free-standing punching bags that can easily be portable and supply equivalent immunity. There's not any need for setup and everything you've got to do using fill it up with water or sand and begin.





Century Original


Everlast Power core


Century Lil' Dragon


Ringside Elite


Combat Sports Boxing


5 Best Free Standing Punching Bag Reviews:

1. Century Original Wavemaster Freestanding

The Original Wavemaster tote is the initial version from Century. This version was released for the first time over a decade ago, and ever since that time it became extremely well known in several fitness centers and martial arts clubs. Every one of those Wavemaster versions comes with different improvements. The Original Century punching bag is created off high-density foam plus a long-lasting cover made vinyl.

Since this version is smaller than many others, it's suggested for children and shorter adults. First Wavemaster can be full of sand or water. The whole physical fitness equipment weighs about 250 lbs. The punching bag is cushioned and secure.

2. Everlast Power core Freestanding Heavy Bag

If you'd like a heavy, sturdy bag to control your energy punches on then that is the bag. The streamlined foundation permits you 360 degrees entry into the power core tote so that you may control your footwork and landing those catastrophic heavy shots. The Tri-Disc foam arrangement allows for optimum power dispersion and the PowerTransferRingCollar technology provides the superior effect, recoil and absorption.

These heavy bags do not swing back and forth wildly such as their conventional hanging sockets, things such as absorption, dispersion and recoil are much more significant. Everlast has gone to great lengths to make sure this freestanding bag has all of the qualities and advantages of this traditional heavy bag.

3. Century Lil' Dragon Wavemaster

The Lil' Dragon Wavemaster was created for young British artists but could match any kid seeking to improve their fitness, and then let some steam off through punching. The Lil' Dragon Wavemaster tote offers four different height adjustments so it can grow along with your kid. The punch bag also includes a round base for easy rolling up so which you may keep away the bag readily.

The foundation is easily full of sand or water to keep the bag secure and vertical. The Lil' Dragon Wavemaster emblem is super trendy and vibrant. It's published on one side of this tote and gives your child a fantastic goal because of their counterparts that helps to direct a fighter, creating their endurance and precision.

The bag itself is made out of nylon and this casing covers the large impact foam for a secure and highly effective punch. This brightly bright freestanding training tote can help your child get into tiptop form.

4. Ringside Elite Free-Standing

That is the winner for certain advocated by professional martial artists. It stands hard kicks and punches without falling and provides exceptional immunity. The hitting area is all but 60 inches so convenient even for taller users. This freestanding plaid tote offers superb user experience and may be used in gyms. Perfect option for everybody, even expert fighters, and long-lasting. On the other hand, the cost is quite significant.

5. Combat Sports Boxing MMA Muay Thai

This inexpensive free standing punching bag was get designed for the young British musicians. The bag itself can get made in the nylon, and this casing also covers the supreme high impact foam to the secure and highly effective punch. This brightly polished training tote can help your child to acquire in tip-top form. The particular punching bag provides a few four different height adjustments so the item can grow together with your child.

The foundation of this item is readily filled with the water or sand to keep the bag secure and vertical. The thing is entirely super trendy and brilliant also.

Things to Consider:


They don't swing from side to side, so do not need a dangling column and no external components are required to put this up. For those who have limited space, a free standing heavy bag is by far the more suitable alternative.

Bag and Base Weight

You want to obtain a balance between the burden of the foundation and this tote. If one of these is too mild, the entire thing may fall more, which will be quite annoying once you want to receive a fluidity moving in your workout.

On the flip side, if it's too heavy, the tote won't supply you with the reflex and rebound straight back which you want. Consequently, if you weigh 180 lbs, you should start looking.

Easy to Fill

Some filler material like sand or water could be necessary if you should get a punching bag to fill the foundation. On a side note, the company's mother is cursed by most shipping men for transport bags. If you should be given a tote, you may think the manufacturers when the item includes a small opening. Even the standing may be a nuisance.


A fantastic benefit of this free standing punching bag is that it's can be moved around. For this reason, you should try to find a freestanding bag which permits ease of motion. Meaning that it ought to have transportation wheels so you can quickly move it from the way when you're finished with your work out.


Though freestanding heavy bags have a tendency to be weighted with water or sand, they may wind up toppling over if you throw your attack with sufficient electricity. To sum this up, freestanding punching bags are an excellent option if you are not able to hang a heavy bag in your property.

If you have got a punch that is tough, you wind up knocking on it and also might wind up transferring the packet from side to side. They're a lot more suited to creating technique vascular, and you're cardiovascular when.

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