Best Hydration Pack for Mountain Biking 2023

There is nothing more important than remaining hydrated on the outside. We have come quite a distance. The days of lugging oddly shaped water bottles at an ill-fitting backpack have been all gone. The very best hydration packs have made it a lot simpler to carry all of the water you will want deep into the wilderness.

Hydration packs come in several shapes, sizes, colors, and manufacturers, and choosing the proper package for your favorite outdoor activities can mean less muscle strain and burden on your spine or better organization based upon what you need.





WACOOL Waterproof Hydration Bladder Pack


Deuter Race EXP Air Backpack - 730-900cu in


Osprey Packs Viper 9 Hydration Pack


CamelBak 2016 Hydrobak Hydration Pack


DAKINE Seeker 15L Hydration Pack


5 Best Hydration Pack for Mountain Biking Reviews

1. WACOOL Waterproof Hydration Bladder Pack

This hydration pack is a good selection for the budget-conscious riders searching for a lasting bag with lots of storage capability. The backpack contains a 2-liter/70-ounce water pipe, however, is big enough to hold as much as a 7-liter bladder bunch. Other characteristics include a web for helmet storage plus a ventilated system which will help keep your back dry and cool.

The backpack has two layers, such as an interior coating designed only for water. Additionally, it will come with the adjustable torso and shoulder straps together with the watertight material.

2. Deuter Race EXP Air Backpack - 730-900cu in

The Deuter Race EXP Air is a 12-liter hydration backpack using a three-liter bladder. The 12 gallons of storage is perfect for an excess coating, resources, and meals. Due to this packs capacity to expand through additional zippers on top, you can stuff a whole lot into it contemplating the pack's dimensions.

The Deuter Race EXP is made from Hexlight 100, a mild weight rip-stop polyamide material and Deuter-Ripstop 210 that is ultra-tight weave and incredibly durable. The rear panel includes Deuter's air relaxation venting system allowing for excellent breathability. A valuables pocket keeps the Buyers pocket and phone safe.

In the event of rain, the integrated rain cover may easily be set within the package. A helmet holder and also decent harness system increase the bag which makes it an all-around excellent competitor for hydration daypacks.

3. Osprey Packs Viper 9 Hydration Pack

Constructed for cyclists, the Osprey Packs Viper 9 Hydration Package is categorized one of the ideal hydration packs for mountain biking, supplying all of the comfort and hydration required to reduce excursion timings dramatically. It does not matter exactly what the biker wishes to carry; this backpack includes a cushioned frame sheet which spreads the weight of the load evenly across the trunk and supplies a constant stream of air with ventilated mesh mounted onto a rear panel.

The tremendous contoured fit is allowed by its elongate shoulder harness. Riders have an internet hip belt to decrease weight. If hefty loads are mounted on the trunk, encourage them with all the included top compression straps.

This backpack has a zippered front panel for riders to get their equipment from inside the primary compartment. Mesh pockets on each side of the bag can hold modest items.

Gain fast access to some leading shove-it pocket to store miscellaneous objects, and also a scratch-free slash pocket to push on your colors. The bike-friendly hydraulic 2.5-liter reservoir keeps water with the assistance of its magnetic bicycle valve. It's also fitted with Osprey's advanced lock attachment system and inner bicycle pump storage loops.

4. CamelBak 2016 Hydrobak Hydration Pack

CamelBak has a reputation for creating some of the ideal hydration packs for mountain bike riding. They produce quite high-tech equipment that targets bicycle riders specifically. The Hydrobak is among the most well-known products and is frequently employed by mountain bike riders. This is a compact hydration pack that's intended for use by riders who take their riding seriously.

It's a thin profile to lessen wind resistance and also to ensure it does not interfere with the rider's movements. The Hydrobak just has one little front pocket plus it retains a 1.5-liter BPA-free bladder. It's offered in a selection of stylish colors.

5. DAKINE Seeker 15L Hydration Pack

The Seeker 15L by Dakine is a loaded, practical hydration backpack which will have you ready for any circumstance. Most of all, the Seeker 15L comes with a CE-certified removable spine protector which makes this pack an excellent selection for people to the side of mountain biking. There's a 2-liter bladder comprised of a high flow bite valve with shut off.

To guarantee that the hose does not fly around it's attached using a magnetic clip. The backpack is quite secure when riding along with also the cushioned shoulder straps sit comfortably on the wearer's torso. A quick stash pocket is situated on the face of the bag, convenient to get a multipurpose instrument. You'll also discover a fleece lined pocket that is fantastic for keeping your phone or shades.

Things to Consider:

Fitment and Stability

Without a doubt, one of the primary negatives to hydration packs to get athletic pursuits is the inclination to jostle around while running, running, or even maneuvering. Many hydration bladders are slender, slender, and compact when in comparison to their own more extensive trekking counterparts.

That is has been said, but the burden of several gallons of water moving onto your own spine throughout the moves of conducting could be tiring, irritating, and more abrasive. Make certain if buying a hydration pack the package is intended to suit your planned game suitably. Running hydration packs should fit snugly to minimize rebound.


In the event the hydration package you are picking includes its very own bladder, then you are going to want to consider cleaning. When choosing a hydration bladder, then it's easy to forget you are going to need to wash the item finally.

This may be a massive pain in the buttocks if your bladder is strangely shaped or includes a tiny aperture. Certainly, the easiest to wash are shirt bladders in which the whole body of the bladder could be retrieved with a high top opening.

This is really where Camelbak water heaters excel, all of them have a massive screw top opening. To make matters easy, in this instance it creates a whole lot of sense to obtain a technical cleaning kit in the producer and make sure you stick to the manufacturer recommended cleanup processes.


Maintaining your mobile, wallet and keys into your pockets as you ride is a very fantastic method to reduce them so most men and women decide on a package that has additional storage room to securely store their possessions. However, a few riders are only seeking a package that retains their own keys.

Other individuals set mountain biking with overnight or camping excursions, so they will need a package that could hold many traveling essentials. Some packs also arrive with a helmet storage area for if you are riding. There is a bunch available for nearly everybody, even photographers.

Mountain biking and photography are all fantastic hobbies to carry up in precisely the exact same moment. Mountain bike paths can take you anywhere -- in the tops of hills into the sea side or perhaps slopes, therefore it is good to have a wonderful camera ready to snap images.


SIZE From a tiny, glossy pack that is only supposed to transport water, to a more akin to someday-hiking backpack which could hold all of your possessions. Size additionally includes the number of liters of water that your package may hold.

Have you been going on a very long bike ride? You will want to have more water, and that means you ought to elect for a 2L or 3L pouch rather than a 1L variant.

The reservoir (or bladder) is exactly what holds your own water, plus they arrive in an assortment of sizes and shapes. Many are soft and are inclined to sag within the bunch in case you don't have pins to keep them set up. Others are more difficult and will maintain their shape, but just take up more room in the tote.

Speedy detach tubing

Some provides include a beverage tube which effectively disengages in the entire body of this repository, which can be adequate when it is a fantastic chance to refill the shop mid hike.

You simply detach the tube together with the media of a grab and draw on the shop from your package. This allows you to render the tube setup, which can be very convenient for those who have it steered via tube integration.

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