Best Kayak Paddle 2023

Locating the very best kayak paddle to the paddling style is nearly as important as finding the ideal kayak. Should you decide on a paddle which isn't the entire duration, uncomfortable to maintain or overly thick, you'll have a tough time directing your kayak. There are lots of factors when picking your kayak paddle.

To assist with your choice, we made this manual about the best way best to pick out a kayak paddle and assessed the very well-known paddles and provide you our best picks.





Shoreline Marine


SeaSense X-Treme II


Werner Camano Premium






5 Best Kayak Paddle Reviews:

1. Shoreline Marine Kayak

The qualities and usability are filled with surprise bundle that some amount rider would like to have. It includes a handy drip guard attribute. Those scenarios are tough to kayak, and sometimes the rider becomes moist. The blades are molded type. They work reasonably well and create simple strokes around the water with less drive. I love the shape which produces paddling and usability even simpler.

There's also the three-place system inside the paddle. You can now easily adjust it depending on your benefit of riding. This attribute enables the possibility of publicly paddling with maximum versatility. Regardless of which kind of paddler you're, there is always a much better place for you along with it.

2. SeaSense X-Treme II

Again we've got an alumina rotating shaft to go with blades. It is accessible 84 (ideal for youngsters) or 96 inches. SeaSense X-Treme II Mix Kayak Paddle is quite comfortable to use since it includes foam grips and it is very lightweight. The flexible drip guards also do the job nicely, so you don't have an excessive amount of water landing in your mind as a possible stroke. Additionally, it provides three distinct positions, and that means that you may have directly or feathered blades.

This is very durable since it comes with a support ridge for improved durability. It is a 2-piece layout for easier portability and storage, but the combined feels sturdy once you're using it. Nowadays everybody knows that a ring or a leash is the first accessory that you purchase to get a paddle, but novices may neglect. This paddle is produced with beginners in mind since it floats! Additionally, it is easy to locate since SeaSense enjoys using bright colors with this version.

3. Werner Camano Premium Fiberglass

This direct shaft, two-piece paddle includes a carbon fiber mix shaft, making it equally ultra-lightweight and comfortable to use and hold through a long day in the lake. Also, it can be bought in a 1 part version. Additionally, it benefits from using asymmetric dihedral blades made from fiberglass, which makes it additional strength in the water and allowing for forceful strokes.

This is sometimes a fantastic option for traveling and for regular use to decrease fatigue, and it may be a perfect paddle for lakes and slow-moving water, in which you are using a minimal angle stroke. It is offered in an array of vivid colors, and their sizes vary from 220 to 260 centimeters.

4. AQUA BOUND Sting Ray Carbon

Aqua-Bound's Sting Ray is offered in a vast selection of lengths, and for many people, finding the proper paddle ought to be simple. Constructed from carbon fiber, this paddle is stiff, light, and sturdy -- what a severe touring kayaker needs. At only 1.9 lbs, it could hold its own on extended trips, and its own adjustable ferrule provides an unlimited variety of feathering angles, with clearly noticeable manuals for consistency and effortless use.


The fiberglass-reinforced blades comprise an inbuilt hook recovery system which also is useful for freeing snagged lines and bolstering baits that are lost. The aluminum paddle shaft involves a measurement method, and that means that you may ensure that your grab complies with size limitations (and back up your fishing stories back on property ). The paddle was made to float if it has dropped overboard from the excitement of reeling from the big one.

It breaks in two for simple traveling and storage and includes a convenient snap-button ferrule connection. Pick yours using eye-catching orange or camouflaged blossom green blades. Paddle lengths begin at 220 cm and also boost in 10 cm increments around 260 cm.

Things to Consider:

Paddle length

When thinking about the period of your paddle, then you've got to observe your width and height of your kayak. The sort of the kayak you're using is dependent on its width. Generally, once you're using a kayak shop that's broad, a very long paddle ought to pair it. If it comes to the paddler's elevation, a little paddle is fantastic for brief users, and a very long paddle is for tall users.


The feather is the angle of the two blades when they cancel from one another. Modules have feathers to decrease wind resistance and also to permit you to effectively squeeze in almost any body of water or end illness. There are two sorts of blades, specifically feathered and also matched.

Feathered edges are in an offset angle from one another that can help prevent end resistance. It mimics how feathers animals are positioned. Meanwhile, matched blades are uniform in layout, thereby making them counter at precisely the same angle as every other.


Aside from the duration, another element that may highly impact your operation is that the substance where the paddle was made. The expert kayak paddles are composed of many different materials, from which the most common and popular types are fiberglass, plastic, and carbon fiber.

The simple idea behind using the lightweight texture in creating the paddles is straightforward; it lessens the general paddle weight without really impacting their performance and endurance. So, next time as you're out to purchasing the kayak paddles, rather than buying ANY paddle, then pick the one that is composed of lightweight, yet powerful material that can readily withstand the strain.


The kayak paddle ought to be light-weighted to give secure handling and better management. Aside from being lightweight, your paddles must be powerful enough to withstand the wind and water stream efficiently. A carefully selected kayak paddle can efficiently boost the operation and degree of relaxation as you're in the water.

Paddling Style

Based on your ability and the sort of water you're paddling throughout, your paddle style is likely to change. Broadly, there are two distinct kinds of paddling styles on the market. Low-angle paddling is as fashion generally performed in calmer waters. These kinds of paddles contain thin horizontal blades which are usually longer.


Think about the sort of kayak fishing you are going to be doing when picking blade material. If you're going to be encountering stones, a solid carbon fiber blade would be the very best alternative.

Blade Shape

The form of paddles has transformed recently as the prevalence of the kayak game has improved. The prior symmetrical blades are changed to some more famous and operational asymmetrical dihedral-designed blades. The scoop motion inside this layout is considerably more efficient, requiring less electricity and so makes this game more accessible to a lot of distinct kayakers.

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