Best Kids Bike Helmet 2023

If you are considering getting a bicycle for the child, a kids' bicycle helmet is crucial. You will need to be sure that you get one which is sized to your small one, so make sure you observe her or his mind circumference and order so.

However, also remember that even if you buy helmets, you might still have a struggle getting your children to wear them. To be able to help that issue, some manufacturers have started to make exciting and unique designs which might create your progeny wish to utilize it.





Bell Youth's Sidetrack


Melon Decent Double

Melon Helmets

Best Kids Bike Helmet Reviews:

1. Bell Youth's Sidetrack Helmet

This mountain bicycle style helmet (accessible with or without MIPS technologies ) turns out a twist around the cul-de-sac into a fantastic experience. Their adjuster process is named Ergo Fit (which was ErgoDial) and contains a brand new and enhanced dial function that does not expect a push to flip. A pinch-guard buckle, built in visor and excellent reduced mind protection combine to get a seriously stylish, secure helmet.

At nearly 12 oz, this is thicker compared to other helmets contained in our manual. It is promoted as a"kid helmet," but will match toddlers whose heads quantify in the 47-54cm selection. It is a fantastic pick for children riding equilibrium bikes and outside.

2. Melon Decent Double Urban

The Melon isn't cheap, but it looks cool, is impressively lightweight, and is packed with tons of features. The Melon is constructed with in-mold foam technologies, versus hardshell, which considerably decreases the weight of the helmet. The helmet also includes Coolmax helmet pads using sealed edges to stop sweat dripping.

Things to Consider Before Buying:

Air Vents

The atmosphere dissemination can keep your baby's head from becoming to be sexy and awkward towards the ride. You'd prefer to not be about just a tiny kid who's hot, sweat-soaked and distressed! While all present infant head protections will come supplied with air vents, a few may have over others. More air vents indicate better dissemination.

On the off probability that you reside in a popular domain, more vents are tremendously valued. Some little kid helmets accompany an integrated bug work to help stop bugs from flying to the vents.


Security and security of the helmet have been the only reason why a mask was created in the first location. Thus, a helmet is futile with no capacity to safeguard its user. Nearly every helmet includes a security score. The specifications of this helmet also detail regarding its certificate from top commission body.

A certified helmet ensures and improved the degree of security as it complies with all the regulatory criteria set by the authorities on jurisdiction.


If a helmet does not look trendy, fashionable or cold, will a child even wear it? This was another significant issue we asked ourselves if exploring the best masks to your child to wear. As a result of this, we made sure to present consumers with a record of secure but fashionable choices which they might pick from.

Whether it's a loony, spiky mohawk, or even a subtle pink helmet using a tiny octopus, your kid will be as secure as possible no matter what look they are trying to pull off this day, and for parents, security is the thing that matters most.

The chin strap

A standard jaw tie can irritate your infant's touchy skin. Along these lines, many baby bicycle covers come padded. The result is a lash which remains secure yet feels fragile from your child's skin. You may make sure that the jaw lash could be balanced with the aim your cap stays tight and protected on your little one.

When you cut on the chinstrap collectively, it may be anything but hard to squeeze your baby's skin. To maintain this; hunt for a tie using a squeeze shield. The best way to alter the bike helmets match will change from manufacturer to indicate.

Special features

Due to competition amongst different brands, there is an increase in extra features in the helmet that's well worth noticing. The majority of the masks claim to have a specific vent mechanism that regulates maximum airflow inside the helmet maintaining the user dry and fresh.

Fitting a Helmet

If it comes to picking out a helmet, naturally, is contingent on the size of your youngster's head. First fitting can be accomplished with the assistance of a leaky sink in addition to even additional pruning pads which may include specific helmets.

The front part of the mask, or even the visor, if sit reasonably lower from your children's mind; a very helpful trick here is that if your son or daughter can see the edge of the helmet and you will find one or 2 finger distances between that along with your kid's eyebrow, they are all set!

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