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Security comes first no matter what which is particularly valid for bicycle riders. Motorcycles are a lot more vulnerable to injuries in visitors and also the reason is rather obvious. Security is essential and it all begins with obtaining a suitable helmet. There ought to be no compromises when it comes to reliability and quality however, there are numerous kinds of helmets and every kind has its pros and cons.





Shoei Solid Neotec



HJC Helmets

Bell Qualifier DLX Blackout


Nolan Helmets N104


Modular Flip up Motorcycle


5 Best Modular Helmet Reviews:

1. Shoei Solid Neotec Modular Motorcycle Helmet

We are going to the big leagues using a Shoei Neotec. For more than 50 years that this Japanese producer was at the outer edge of helmet design and their goods are globally acclaimed for their exceptional quality. On this front, the Neotec is sticking to convention. Only a glimpse at this two-in-one and you'll be able to tell that it is a work of art.

The casing is tri-composite fiber that's lasting, shock-resistant, but still lightweight. The general model is reminiscent of a semi or vacationing style complete face, also Shoei has supplied a generous choice of colors, from bright yellow all the way to level black.

Acutely conscious of a few of the disadvantages connected with using a pivoting, chin bar, Shoei has made the Neotec decrease the quantity of moving parts, which makes the helmet simple to open and shut.

This permits passengers to lock the chin bar and face guard with precisely the identical activity and lowering the total burden of the helmet. I managed to run the mechanism easily, despite my gloves.

They have included a "360 Pivot Locking System" which helps to keep the eyebrow bar fastened, and have included an EPS lining, largely negating worries concerning decreased shock immunity in the jaw and chin region of the helmet.

2. HJC IS-MAX II Modular Motorcycle Helmet

HCJ is notorious for discharging a huge retail and distribution of exceptional motorcycle helmets for cheap. Back in 2009, HCJ published the IS-Max show from the standard essential colors that might have used a milder clear coat since it readily showed scrapes. It's possible they have missed the aesthetics, however speaking about quality. The lining fits nicely well, the visor's movement has a sleek texture by its arc and it is exceptional in comparison to other welding helmets.

The HCJ IS-Max gets the identical match in contrast to additional flip-up helmets on the marketplace. It's a thicker-than-average chin pub but when it has to do with the detachable liner, relaxation is the just 1 term for this. The helmets richly smooth cushioning; along with the lining snaps than retains the liner firmly will force you to put this helmet on your listing.

3. Bell Qualifier DLX Blackout Matte Black Full Face Helmet

The Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet completed in matt black is among the hottest helmets in the marketplace. It is a fantastic modular helmet which balances attributes with the decent price point. That is the reason it's among the most well-known helmets in the marketplace. Concerning colors and fashions the Bell Qualifier has tons of choices to match any possible look you are choosing.

It is possible to see fairly quickly that this really is a helmet which seems way more costly; they actually have pinpointed the appearance. However, this helmet is not just about appearances.

The lightweight polycarbonate/ABS casing structure make this helmet lightweight and tough that is particularly hard to succeed in this section. Characteristics we'd love to call from comprise the anti-fog performance along with the cushioned wind shade which reduces road and wind noise.

Both work very nicely and also make a significant impact in day to day relaxation and pleasure. In general, a fantastic helmet for the decent money.

4. Nolan Helmets N104 Evo Blk Xs

Another mention in flip-up helmets, Released in 2012, the N104 has been Shoei Neotec's largest competitor. The total quality of materials and build is exceptional. All moving components have an extremely smooth and exact sense, nothing rough or bulky. Just two shell dimensions, which helps to keep the price of the helmet but will not feel like "tailor-made" for everybody as the Neotec would.

The helmet includes a neutral towards marginally narrow silhouette indoors, or "Intermediate Oval". You might locate your chin simply touching the chin bar based on the form of your head.

The inside lining is removable, antibacterial and washable and it's promised to accommodate glasses, but I have discovered that quite round head contours will fight to match them well.

5. Modular Flip up Motorcycle Helmet Gloss Black

IV2 makes it upon our list double using their Metallic Wine Red Modular Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet. The same as the preceding product with this listing, this item is also equally as cheap with much more features. This modular helmet has been designed with Bluetooth in your mind since it's totally Bluetooth ready.

The Bluetooth device is sold individually, but may be set up without a problem -- that is great compared to some additional modular helmets around the market that have Bluetooth setup problems. This helmet reaffirms IV2's dedication to quality made goods which place the client at the forefront of this evolution procedure.

Things to Consider While Buying a Modular Helmet


Comfort the vital ability to reverse up the helmet and down gives it an extra benefit over other helmets. The majority of these helmets offer you very good convenience amount to customers, but you have to make certain the chosen helmet in the construct in a way to fit your requirements. The helmet must have a sunshade for having the ability to ride at the existence of warm sun easily.


Motorcycle helmets are usually constructed from several grades and formulas of plastics. There is a selection of strength and density substances from which many parts are assembled.

These diverse material forms have a bearing on total building costs of a helmet. Premium-priced helmets utilize plastics which are full of tensile strength, satisfactorily flexible as required while remaining lightweight.

The outer shell (or crown) of all premium-priced helmets utilize composite materials made from plastic together with fiberglass, Kevlar or carbon fiber to fortify and to decrease weight.


The Bluetooth purpose of analog helmets acts erratically in regards to contact with warm water. Therefore, you need to always search for a helmet which accompanies the waterproof feature.

Both the microphone and the speakers will often come in contact with perspiration and the humidity within the helmet may also induce condensation. Therefore, these two parts ought to be watertight in character so the helmet may enjoy a very long life.


When you're trying to find a motorcycle helmet with built-in speakers you require something which would let you replicate audio, change the quantity, and easily switch between listening and talking.

There are a few Bluetooth headphones out there-there which don't provide volume controller and you may go for this in the event that you're not likely to utilize your helmet to listening to audio. Otherwise, start looking for hands free controllers. Particular higher-end versions would also supply control with only your voice.


Some folks truly need a helmet which needs to be safe to be used in addition to comfy to wear. But some individuals desire their helmet to create a fashion statement for themselves if they roam around town on their bicycle.

In these scenarios, your helmet must include the proper construct along with a slick design to make sure it matches nicely with your personality announcement demands. The inside ought to be excellent also.

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