Best Mountain Bike Brakes 2022

Having strong brakes in your fingertips gives you more confidence and permits you to slow down quicker. Possessing the best MTB brakes allow you to brake after, which means that you may ride at higher rates more than terrain, boosting your average speed. It might sound counterintuitive, but if you would like to breathe faster, you ought to find a better pair of brakes.





Shimano XTR M9020


Clark's Cable Systems Rear

Clark's Cable Systems

Hope Race Evo X2 Rear


Magura USA MT Trail


SRAM Guide Ultimate Disc


5 Best Mountain Bike Brakes Reviews:

1. Shimano XTR M9020 Trail Brakes

This hydraulic system includes pre-bled, and therefore you don't need to be concerned about fighting a finicky strain while installing it. You clip it on and go, instantly benefiting from its unique capabilities. Among the very first things, you'll see about these brakes would be your ServoWave lever.

This really can be a power-boosting pumped system. This usually means that the strain placed on the brakes is not linear. When you begin to squeeze them the initial half of this levers stove is a milder brake, letting you precisely control capability to the brakes.

When you cross the halfway stage, the wheels begin to grip exponentially increasing electricity. This design provides you with the very best of the two worlds. The lever has been very well produced, and extremely flexible. Made from stainless steel, this is something which could resist lots of abuse and use.

2. Clark's Cable Systems Rear Hydraulic M2 Brake

Clarks have the option for you whether you're after good stopping power for an unbeatable cost. On the road that the M2 brake has typical modulation and not as strong as the additional wheels (SRAM Guide brakes have 50 per cent more electricity ), the lengthy run makes up for it bit. A dial permits you to correct the hit, but there's not any contact point adjustment.

The pads that are included are somewhat loud when moist to the point you will consider employing the brakes because of fear of startling neighbourhood wildlife together using the entire banshee wailing. But, Shimano pads are more all compatible, enabling you to swap them out for a while more straightforward and with more stings.

The bundle comprises either a 160mm or 180mm Cable, including to this value. You might want to straighten the rotors to get rid of drag when setting up them, but that is an effortless undertaking.

3. Hope Race Evo X2 Rear Brake Stealth Black

For quite a while, Hope was one of my favourite bike makers. The calibre of the work is just incredible, and I haven't found a mistake with their merchandise. Hope have not ever built a complete bicycle. Instead, they've focussed vast sums of work into designing components such as mountain bikes, downhill bikes and BMX bicycles.

If you have never heard of Hope earlier, they're well known for their high-quality BMX tanks and mountain bicycle brakes. Merely to demonstrate how complicated the design and production procedure is; within this version of this Hope Stealth brake Hope have marginally shortened the lever pivot.

This quickly translates into a 15 per cent rise in steering power. This brake has inherited several characteristics of this Hope Mini using a couple of additional precision g stripped off with no injury to the strength or power of this brake. Magura USA MT Path Carbon Disc Brake Set.

4. Magura USA MT Trail Carbon Disc Brake Set

Magura's new carbon disk brake place sits on the peak of the road riding brake record. For far much superior modulation, Magura has developed front calliper to possess four pistons while keeping the back with two cylinders. It might appear a bit strange to have another number of disks on each calliper.

However, Magura does have a motive. Many of the workers were mixing the MT7 four piston as well as the MT8 2 piston with each other to balance their forces that their wheels were outputting and also to boost modulation. Magura asserts that the gap between front and back brakes closely fit the grip made by the brakes.

5. SRAM Guide Ultimate Disc Brake

Of all of the many brakes we have looked in, these would be the place that you are likely to locate mounted onto a professional mountain bicycle. Speaking purely from a technical perspective, these would be the ideal disk brakes which you can purchase. However, in fact, this is not likely to be accurate for everybody.

When they are properly calibrated, their functionality on the road is just sublime. The sting point is exact. However, the action is smooth.

You are in a position to correctly balance push contrary to movement, ensuring you're always in charge of your pace without sending your tires right into a slide.

After becoming used to those wheels, everything will feel uncomfortable and soft. However, you need to have some expertise behind the handlebars until you're able to find the maximum from those wheels.

Things to Consider:

Rotor Size

Rotor dimension is partly influenced by driving motorcycle and style dimensions and weight reduction. Course riders usually select 160-millimetre rotors, whereas the hefty 203-millimetre rotors are perfect for downhill riders and maximum stopping power.

The 180-millimetre rotor is a fantastic compromise choice, perfect for heavier riders or anybody who wants a bit more stopping power in their XC bicycle.


It goes without mentioning that this is the most crucial thing we all looked at when picking brakes. Sure, it is fantastic to allow them to look great and be produced of quality materials, however, if they do not cause you to slow down and cease, they're almost useless.

When choosing the very best of the very best, we decided the opportunity to sort through each the things which we were saying about every item. Something which makes a set stand out isn't just how well these items can force you to quit, but how simple they are to work with.

Component Compatibility

Part compatibility is the simplest and the trickiest aspect of choosing mtb bikes. Rather than abstract considerations such as ride texture and taste, you are going to have to test sizing, mount kinds, along with other cut and arid specifications.


For wheels to operate correctly and stand around anything you throw it out there on the paths, it's necessary they are made from the quality stuff. You could be amazed to know that a few companies assemble their parts from plastics and PVC substances that can crack under the strain of a wipe-out.

The top products in this specific area are usually made from aluminium metal, as they're amazingly powerful, but still lightweight, so it will not include any unnecessary fat to a bicycle.


As the principal touch point between you and your brakes, even a soft cushioned shaped lever blade has a little hook, in conclusion, should enable your finger to take a seat down at a natural and comfortable position.

Because brakes are so active nowadays, just one finger braking is so vital. But, Magura and BFO do create aftermarket blades for people who insist on having two hands on the lever.

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