Best Over The Range Microwave Oven 2023

Among the easiest kitchen appliances even more often called an OTR microwave oven or seen in nearly every house is popular within the range microwave oven. Most every version is made using an outside or recirculating aired out multiple speed fan assembly as well as a light to illuminate the cooking surface beneath with a built-in night light.





Sharp R1874T


Frigidaire FGMO205KF








What Makes the best over the range microwave?

When we speed and review within the range microwaves, we look at microwave characteristics three important variables and functionality, venting operation, and layout.

Microwaves Features and Functionality

Some microwaves possess the ability correct to cook the food correctly and to evaluate the witness in foods. Defrosting is now an artwork, and microwaves that are better have several choices including defrost by food, and by a detector type or a variety of all three. Add in additional functions including broiling there's a broad array of characteristics we look for with microwave components or baking.

Venting Operation

Concerning how secure the ventilation system is most brands will give a region size. We've used lots of consumer reports information, nevertheless, to ensure the producer isn't over swearing on the ventilation capacity. Bonus points were given by us for microwaves that had multiple fan setting when the region below gets too smoky, and some begin automatically.


The over the range microwave will soon be right at the center of your kitchen with the majority of kitchens focusing on the stovetop and oven place. We consider the layout for not only functionality but additionally refined or glossy design not to be a tender eye in the focus of the kitchen.

Guarantee & Support

We looked for manufacturing companies that stand with customer service and strong warranties. While it is unlikely you will buy a unit in the manufacturing company itself, there is a question or when there is a hint of trouble, the initial producer ought to be an excellent supply of advice and assist you to through its site, customer service representatives, and guarantees.

5 Best Over The Range Microwave Oven Review:

1. Sharp R1874T

This over the range microwave is perfect for consumers who need to save lots of kitchen counter space and is moderately priced to satisfy their budget. Customers found it quite simple to put in and use. The Sharp within the range microwave is well ventilated and has a big cooking capacity.

It's lighted screen is an easy task to read, and it's controls are user-friendly.Customers that are sharp adore to promptly prepare food utilizing automatic settings are ’sed by the microwave. Fixing the cooking power for almost any food is possible. This microwave is recommended by us as it's very simple to make use of, strong, streamlined and slick.

2. Frigidaire FGMO205KF

This can be a countertop microwave oven which is created using stainless steel stuff that is pure. Nevertheless, there are lots of ovens that are similar, you purchase and can assess one according to your preferences.

It's possible for you to cook anything I am going to say it's a wonderful microwave then that which it looks in the graphic larger. It's many auto cook features, and it can reheat pasta.


In just about all instances, you understand what you’re when you purchase a GE kitchen appliance getting: a well-designed, well-built machine that may perform well and continue for a long time. The business’s Monogram line is greatly valued, with price tags to coincide.

However, their Profile appliances will also be well worth their costs that are fair, as well as the PVM9179SFSS microwave/convection oven, is a fantastic example.

This GE oven isn’t tremendous, but most over-the-range versions aren’t since they’re constructed to fit the conventional space over a 30-inch cooker. 1000 watts is what you'll anticipate from most of the microwaves, but it is elevated by the effectiveness of the oven’s detector system and also the truth that it additionally features convection cooking over many competitions.

4. LG LMHM2237ST

It was an easy option with all the greatest capacity of 2.2 cubic feet, trusted venting electricity, many microwave characteristics, and exceptionally filled verified purchase reviews.

LG didn't skimp on the microwave components with this particular version. A touch pad control panel that's smudge evidence instantly starts you using your microwave encounter.

Including attributes like defrost, smart, tidy, bi-level cooking, meltdown/soften, and reheat by detector you'll discover a setting for what you need.

This won the time for LG LMHM2237ST. When installing it you've got the choices to selected front ventilation, top, or back. The top and back ventilations are for outside venting for those who possess the set up for this. LG has generated a silent electricity technology that keeps the sound in the device comparatively calm, and you are given four distinct setting for fan speed by you. The power supporting the device performed well in all our evaluations and is among the most influential on our list at 400CFM.

5. FRIGIDAIRE MWV150KB Microwave

The Frigidaire was urged by plenty of customers on account of the appealing layout and affordable cost on the range microwave. The microwave has open interiors that let you put enormous casseroles and dishes that are large in the interior, which makes it an invaluable appliance for those that adore cooking.

Its turntable can accommodate bigger things which can be readily rotated while the kitchen, plus it's a lot of capability for just about any demand. It's possible for you to cook food quicker using its multistage and auto-reheat characteristics. Software and its managements are easy to use, and you'll adore how fast it bakes potatoes or popcorn. We advise this microwave as it's a big turntable, exceptional warming power cooking process, along with all the essential cooking characteristics.

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