Best Paintball Mask 2023

It's quite easy to cause severe harm or even permanent damage if you are not aware of paintball mask. Masks are much more important than your paintball gun. The hood is the one thing people are made to use, should you go paintballing and can't be removed.

Covers help to secure your eyes and face from getting hit by some other debris while enjoying or paintballs.





DYE i5 Paintball Goggle


V-Force Grill Paintball


Virtue VIO Paintball Goggles

Virtue Paintball

JT Spectra Flex 8 Full Head


HK Army Paintball KLR

HK Army

5 Best Paintball Mask Reviews:

1. DYE i5 Paintball Goggle

First, let us get the fundamentals out of the way. You get even if you attempt to create it more fog. The very best paintball mask anti-wrinkle version on the market. You have the 290 Level area of vision with a vision that is crazy.

This is the point where the i5 goes to the league. There is an uber-comfortable although thick strap at the back which has a dial that you can fix, the GSR Pro strap, while the mask is still sitting on your mind. Switch it a couple of notches to a couple of notches to the left along with the right.

That's it! No more yanking on that loop once you've got people to twist it! Features are the foam interior the mask. Everything you have here is a mask for a lifetime.

Foam is the very first thing, and it is a shame to alter a cover since apart, the foam, has worn out. The dye has fixed this. The foam comes which you push in this mask's chassis giving you a cover.

The soft-compression formed fleece wrapped foam is the foam which will rest on your face apart from being replaceable!

2. V-Force Grill Paintball Mask/Goggles

The VForce Grill mask needs to be among the very competitive seeming designs! With clean lines, its lightweight design makes it ideal for players that are speedball.

Each region of the mask is renewable, and you will find a lot of fresh colours to your visor that you could swap out for customisation. This is a mask; the foam is very good with that one. It's not difficult to breathe while talking and be cautious but offers facial security.

This isn't a softball helmet layout nevertheless, therefore, wearing a bandanna or even beanie to guard hair thinning and your forehead is suggested. In general, perhaps one of the very impressive layouts that can be found in the marketplace now. And naturally, just like any style, it sports a treated anti-fog lens with superior performance.

3. Virtue VIO Paintball Goggles / Masks

The Virtue VIO Extend paintball mask may be thought of as a hybrid vehicle: this equipment allure to woodsball and speedball players because of its distinctive, although styled as goggles. The cover is about the lens: the considerable visor provides eyesight and is broad.

The lens reaches clarity and understanding using treatment and a pane. You can choose with options for eye comfort and UV protection. It retains a shallow profile even though the Extend has a more significant effect than Virtue VIO versions.

It stays a bit removed optimises and's durable yet elastic. The relaxation is uncompromised with hearing thanks and inside material to foam pads.

4. JT Spectra Flex 8 Full Head and Face Coverage Thermal

JT spectra is a crafted paintball mask that provides you performance in addition to protection. Th cover uses a layout and substances that gives it durability and qualities. Unlike goggles, this one has.

Aside from the security, the mask slips a contemporary and slick design which arouses your gambling. It's a shallow profile structure, to make sure your mind gets cover, without giving into influences. The lenses within this goggle are excellent.

They are apparent without tint. Furthermore, a construction which increases the durability is featured by them. When wearing this mask breathing and talking is excellent. It has vents that are effective in transmission and air circulation.

Equipped with a visor that is huge, this mask is unique to use without attention faking light manifestation. Interior includes a cushioning to give your head hugging that is appropriate.

5. HK Army Paintball KLR Thermal Anti-Fog Mask

The KLR includes a PVT lock, which lets you alter the lens without squandering over a couple of seconds. Until it reaches your mind, the inside was laid out memory foam, which absorbs any strain and generates comfort. The KLR comes with an ear protector, and this will dampen.

The HK design group has a combined experience of more than a century, and it reflects it. All in all is a thing. Amongst the ballers, esteem has been gained by the mask despite its production and despite the consumers are optimistic about their KLR's operation.

Things to Consider:


Additionally, this is an essential quality which each mask wants to possess. Having the capability to move on your cover is critical to your match. A number of the costumes maintain a composite of rubber and plastic that will fit without restricting the movement.


The more income you may invest, the further goggles you'll need to pick from. You do not have to go outside and spend two or three hundred to receive an excellent top mask. There are a whole lot of covers which sell for $50 that will serve you well. Be sure to take any necessary equipment, when placing your mask funding.


When picking a mask, then you'll have to select one that is going to endure the test of time. Be sure that you choose one which is constructed of quality materials. Rubber and plastic create the masks that are top try to locate one which has these materials both.

Make sure that the cover you're currently checking out has hardened equipment that will help absorb the shock. If you get hit in the face, masks which are too tender will leave your area.

The Lens

This might be the most significant part the mask. It is the way you view while keeping head and your eyes shielded. There are tons of different sorts of lenses. What you choose depends upon which you perform with. There are lenses for various venues.

However, a fantastic guideline is that you need a pane. There is A pane just two lenses attached. When you are paintballing fogging is the ABSOLUTE WORST dudes, so be certain it's great at NOT.


Paintball is a demanding game. You are likely to be running around a good deal. Vents are all around the lips and mouth. Bigger vents can provide more atmosphere to you, but in addition they expose your entire own face. When your mouth is hit by a paintball, paint can encounter.

Personal Preferences

You are very likely to discover quite a few of helmets that meet your preferred profile and budget. It will become a matter of personal taste. Helmets that are particular could possibly be popular along with paintball players and reviewers that are internet, but can prove to be unsuited for you.

Prior to buying a mask, make sure you ask yourself exactly what you need concerning color, fit and padding.


The burden of this mask is also an important characteristic to think about. A mask that is hefty may wind up making match play far harder for you. You should not need to be worried about shoulders and your neck as your mask is heavy, getting tired in the center of a game.

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