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Weightlifting includes a lot of health benefits, such as enhanced strength, strengthened bones, and healthier muscle increases, but in addition, it carries a threat of harm --particularly in the event that you lift heavy loads. Actually, the amount of weight training-related accidents is on the increase, probably because the game has grown in popularity lately.





RDX Powerlifting Belt


Flexz Fitness Single

Flexz Fitness

Dark Iron Fitness

Dark Iron Fitness

Flexz Fitness Powerlifting

Flexz Fitness

Gabor Fitness Contoured

Gabor Fitness

5 Best Powerlifting Belt reviews:

1. RDX Powerlifting Belt Cow Hide Leather

Nubuck is leading grain leather that's been handed down to really have a soft but quite durable exterior. And that's only one of the greatest characteristics of this belt out of RDX. The buckle includes double stitching throughout its span to get a long-term impact. Nubuck belt is a proper powerlifting belt, using a uniform four-inch diameter throughout the duration of belt. It provides better support for your abs compared to a weightlifting belt using a thinner tapered front part.

The thickness can be fairly standard at approximately half an inch. What's unfortunate however that is the usage of double-pronged buckles, which RDX appears to favor for their straps for some odd reason? The rivets aren't the highest quality within this belt and have a tendency to pop off after a couple of weeks use. Additionally, there are some sizing issues, though not as important as what we have experienced everywhere.

2. Flexz Fitness Single Prong

Very similar to Alex's lever buckle, but utilizing the timeless belt shape most of us understand. Offered in blue, black, purple and red -- you'll be secure and trendy as you lift. Uses greatly stitched suede cloth on the interior to avoid slipping. The belt roller and loop over the buckle are heavy duty, which will continue to keep this thick buckle secured on your chest. Designed with a beautiful arrowhead design cutout at the close of the belt for simple handling during trimming.

The Alex single prong could be the last on our record. However it's one of the top five options, and thus don't turn from it yet. Let us examine why it created it on our list as the previous belt we urge!

3. Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather

A leather belt that is designed to last will take you through exercises and individual records for a long time to come. The Dark Iron physical fitness belt is made of premium strengthened leather and promises not to tear or wear out. But despite how hard it is, the buckle is more comfortable to wear and will not feel tight, ride up, or dig into your sides. The fastener, which can be 4" wide and 5mm thick, also includes a metal buckle in addition to additional adjustment holes, allowing for a comfortable fit.

Individuals who have the Dark Iron physical fitness belt state the leather is top quality and supple yet durable. Many reviewers surmise utilizing the belt has enhanced their workouts and aided them to reach new PRs.

4. Flexz Fitness Powerlifting

If you enjoy straps using a lever buckle, then this is most likely among the top models on the market. Regarding the right belt, it's produced sound, excellent leather. It's quite stiff and provides exceptional support for your spine. The black suede liner inside enhances comfort and retains the belt securely in place when you're lifting weights. The belt comes with a pristine appearance, without tacky logos, or multi-material inserts. This is a contest safe buckle.

5. Gabor Fitness Contoured Neoprene

Velcro weightlifting straps, like the Gabor Fitness belt, so frequently have the benefit of being easy to correct (lift the strap and yank). This belt employs an oversized Velcro strap to keep the belt protected and carries a roller buckle to create tightening up it simple. Mobility is not limited when sporting the Gabor Fitness belt, as a result of the simple fact that it is manufactured from lightweight Neoprene foam. Nevertheless, the contoured design offers exceptional stomach and back support.

They also concur that it is comfortable to wear and enables them to move freely, and one individual even mentions it fits well under a top, permitting the wearer to be unobtrusive when utilizing the weightlifting belt.

Things to Consider:


While the sizing of this belt is the main quality, that's a variable it is possible to control right. Other attributes concerning the powerlifting belt, such as the substances, are items which are left entirely to the producer. That's why it's vital to ensure you buy one made from high-quality substances. When looking at a powerlifting belt materials, the principal distinction is going to be between endurance and flexibility.


Although this substance does have some advantages, it's finally the least desired substance once it comes to powerlifting belts. This is only because PU sits at a precarious balance between flexibility and strength. With a few of the more flexible substances, you realize that you're giving up a little bit of stiffness.


Powerlifting straps are made from suede, leather, or velcro. The leather is stiffer and generally better assembled. Velcro is usually better for the considerably heavier loads of Olympic lifting, instead of powerlifting.


A more massive belt frequently means it is more secure and provides better security while lifting. This might be uncomfortable for individuals starting in powerlifting. A milder belt, you made from a softer substance with less cushioning, will provide you with more freedom.

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