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The Power Tower is your home gym alternative. Using one piece of gear, you can work your whole body to create your stronger, fitter and thinner. Since you're hanging in the floor you require an excellent tower that's stable, sturdy and rigid. We will bring you in depth reviews of the power towers available on the marketplace.





Stamina Power Towers


Golds Gym XR 10.9

Golds Gym

Body Champ VKR1010

Body Max

Fitness Reality X

Fitness Reality

Body Champ Fitness

Body Max

5 Best Pull Up Tower Reviews:

1. Stamina Power Towers

The Stamina 1690 Pull the very cost pull bar up that we've come across. Contemplate its points. The Stamina 1690 is a unit that provides what you need in a more design, which makes it perfect for individuals with workout area. So that you can move it around 10, it’s lightweight. While it's clear you can't compare the 1690 together with the likes of this Fitness Truth this unit will not supply a support to you as you're hanging out of it. 

It is not as stiff as that version and you should just get this if you're under or 200 lbs.

2. Golds Gym XR 10.9

That's exactly why it's not a surprise that this electricity tower is among the most effective available now. It's a streamlined design, making it good for use in the house of any size. It's relatively lightweight, so you ought to be able to do this with ease in the event that you have to transfer it from place to place. 

What sets this electricity tower aside from the audience is your assortment of exercises which you could perform on it. Even though you're able to finish leg increases, drops, and the you can with other people versions, together with the XR you may do a vast array of sit-ups and push-ups that will allow you to finish an exercise.

3. Body Champ VKR1010 Fitness

The Body Champ Power Tower includes a design which offers a simple sound and trustworthy exercise. The heavy duty steel frame provides you the excellent as well as five channels foam grips offer comfort while decreasing strain. The pull handles permit you to find a fantastic grip to reduce them and while employed the VKR channel. The Body Champ includes rigidity to enhance. The pull has a broad grip and foam grips to let you reach on your lats.

Elevated push bars provide you the chance to go with this chest workout that is fantastic. The Body Champ is a device which has feet and all cushions are seam built to offer durability.

4. Fitness Reality X Class High Capacity

The human anatomy Vision PT600 power-tower is a fantastic addition to almost any gym. The ability Tower offers users with an option for heaps of exercises and is versatile. By way of instance, the power-tower has a grip pub for knee increases and crunches, pullups. The power tower includes a dip channel for torso motions such as dips. The power-tower includes a backrest for comfort, and cushioned armrests.

The power-tower additionally has users may authenticate their pecs through heavy 23, foot grips that twice as bars that are push up. A quality of this power-tower is the fact that it's a height adjustable framework so it could fit virtually almost any user. The energy tower is created of steel and also therefore is guaranteed to persist for quite a while. It may be installed anywhere as a result of the base.

5. Body Champ Fitness Multi Function

The Power Tower provides users with the choice for lots of exercises and is flexible. As an instance, the energy tower has a grip bar for knee increases and crunches, pull-ups. The energy tower includes a dip channel for upper body motions such as dips. The electricity tower includes a back rest for comfort, and arm rests. The electricity tower has that consumers may isolate their pecs through heavy 23, foot grips that twice as bars that are push-up.

A aspect of this electricity tower is the fact that it's a height adjustable frame so it may fit virtually any user. The electricity tower is created of steel and thus is guaranteed to last quite a while. It may be installed anywhere due to its foundation.

Things to Consider:


Since a number of those towers may take a great deal of room up, size is a really important consideration. Others use either side, which means that you'll need to allow for additional space, although towers are one-sided, which means that you use one aspect of this construction. A tower might be the energy tower for you In case you've got a great deal of space to spare.

Ease of Construction

If you are going to be constructing yourself to , you might want something which's simple to put together in the event that you would like to have the ability to move it. But if you are thinking about keeping it simplicity of building is not as a consideration, particularly if it might mean forfeiting.

Weight Limit

Though the 250-300 pound weight limitation of your typical power tower will probably be more than sufficient for many gym-goers, quite athletic people might discover that the excess burden of the muscles may cause the tower to change if should they swing or make dramatic moves on the tower.

If the tower is too thick -- if you are building the tower for a House gym and putting it yourself, even whether it is too thick for you to assemble, you'll need something Somewhat 45, another thing is

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