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Among one of the most vital parts of winter sports is your equipment. Whether it be your gloves, skis or safety glasses, they are all equally necessary. A terrific set of ski gloves is an often-forgotten necessity. Like many extreme sporting activities, your devices are what is going to maintain you secure, regardless of the task. Frozen hands can quickly destroy any ski day, and this issue is conveniently stayed clear of with the suitable pair that maintains your fingers cozy.





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Things to Consider:

The material

The material makes high quality gloves. Today, there are many innovative functional materials that can protect the hand from the cold. It is important that especially when practicing the winter sports, the hands remain dry during the entire time. For this reason, the best-known manufacturers have been engaged in the development of excellent materials that bring this property.

There are now quick-drying, water-repellent materials that are excellent for the production of ski gloves. Even after hours of snowy weather, the hands are still dry. It shows the good ski gloves. Another point with the materials is the protection against cold air and wind.

Not only does the material have to be innovative, it also has to be careful during processing. The seams are the most vulnerable area for cold air infiltration in ski gloves. Ideally, the ski gloves have very little seams.

The breathability

Especially in the case of gloves with special heat functions, care must be taken that the breathability is also taken into account. The hands begin to sweat quickly and the sweat not only ensures that the hands cool down faster, but also increases the risk of cold. For this to be avoided, the glove must be breathable.

With a constant exchange of air, the gloves ensure that the sweat is removed to the outside and the hands do not sweat so much. These special materials are available, which are used as inner lining. The synthetic materials with moisture control are standard features of the high-quality ski gloves. Thinsulate or Primaloft is usually used for lining. Goose down is also used a lot.

The design

Not only the functional aspects play an important role in ski gloves. Also in terms of design is paid close attention. There are a variety of designs and color combinations available today. Thus, every winter sportsman can find his ski glove. A clear separation is the men's and women's gloves. While women's gloves tend to have a feminine touch with strong color patterns and embellishments, men tend to look for cool colors and a sporty design.

Frequently Ask Questions: 

What are ski gloves and what do you need them for?

The cold winter temperatures are causing problems for many winter sports enthusiasts. In particular, the extremities of the body are affected by the cold. To counteract this, ski gloves are used, but the product range is very broad.

How should ski gloves sit?

In principle, you should pay attention to the right size when choosing your ski gloves. Too large ski gloves restrict your sensitivity and too small ski gloves hinder your freedom of movement. In addition, your ski gloves should sit comfortably but firmly on your hand. There must be enough room between your thumb, forefinger and the spaces between the other fingers to expand your hand.

Otherwise, there is a risk that the adhesive foam tears at an overvoltage. In addition, this often leads to a strong restriction of movement. Furthermore, your fingertip ski gloves should be a little longer than the fingers themselves, so you can easily clench a fist.

What sizes are there with ski gloves?

The size classes of the ski gloves are in the European area far and wide uniform. Nevertheless, one can distinguish between men's, women's and children's sizes. European ski glove sizes are measured in inches (1 inch = 2.7 cm). The customer's hand circumference is measured to determine the appropriate size.

To find out the circumference of your hand, you open your hand and put a measuring tape around your knuckles - the thumb is ignored. Then you press your hand into a loose fist and measure your hand circumference.

What are good ski gloves?

Everyone has to decide for themselves what good ski gloves are, since everyone else demands from them. The gloves should definitely keep warm. Mittens perform this task especially well. Also gloves with an outer and inner glove are in our view a good choice. Especially for skiing you should also do without materials such as Gore-Tex or other membranes. Often you sweat a lot.


There are two types of modern ski gloves:

1. The finger gloves

The finger glove is a special glove in which each finger has its own little pocket. Each finger is separate and this is reflected in the freedom of movement. The finger gloves provide optimal freedom of movement for all fingers. Grasping and grasping is very possible in all situations. Especially in a fall, the finger gloves are very useful, because from reflex one begins to spread the fingers during the fall. So you can catch yourself better.

With the finger gloves this is much better possible than with the mittens. However, it can happen that the finger gloves do not keep you so warm. The fact that each finger has its own pocket, there are also many seams and surfaces available.

The cold acts so much faster on the surfaces and begins to cool. In addition, water can penetrate through the seams. The faster the glove gets wet, the faster it gets cold. Basically, this depends on the material. The finger gloves are suitable for all winter lovers, from skiers to hikers.

2. The mittens

The mittens are the second type of ski gloves. In this species, the individual fingers are not separated, but are in a large bag. Only the thumb has its own little bag. Alone due to the structure warm the mittens very well. The fingers can better warm each other in the big bag. This feature is eliminated with the finger gloves.

In addition, there are fewer seams and the cold can not spread so well. The mittens are suitable for people who are quick and freezing. They are ideal for warming on very cold days. Ideal are the mittens for children, because they can wear the gloves even at a young age alone.

For adults, these gloves are rather unsuitable, because the freedom of movement of the hand is immensely restricted. Even skiers usually do without mittens because they can not handle well. But they are ideal for snowboarders, because they do not need gripping force. Otherwise decide only your own preferences, which glove is suitable for your own requirements.

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