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If you plan to slide to the end of the track, make sure you wear the best ski gloves so you forget the cold and focus attention on practice, landscape, people and the adventure of surrendering to gravity without dropping. With your hands numb, asleep or purple by the cold it will be impossible to enjoy a good day of skiing, and having a good pair of gloves will be a way to take seriously the preparation of the ride and then fully enjoy it.

Gloves are a necessary investment, even if you go skiing only a few days of the year, because protecting yourself from the cold will determine the quality of the experience.





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What are ski gloves made of ?

The ski gloves are designed to have a good thermal insulation, which are resistant and lightweight. Something very important to note, is that ski gloves must have reinforcements in the areas most exposed to receiving blows, but at the same time they have to be comfortable with a pleasant touch.

The ski gloves are designed with an air chamber inside, so their temperature will be high thanks to the heat that our hands give off. In other words, the glove does not provide heat for it, if not it keeps the hot air inside, which you have generated with its use. Each person has more or less cold tolerance, so we will have to choose the material of our glove that best suits our needs.

Buying Guide:


The gloves that wear goat or cow leather abroad are as functional as the synthetic ones, the difference is that the leather requires maintenance to last for many years; and synthetics do not last long, but we can forget about them in hot weather.

Design and color

That a model is good and economical is one of the aspects valued by users, especially when it comes to ski gloves. In this sense, in the market there is a wide variety of models and designs of gloves. There are some prototypes designed specifically for children, others for gentlemen and others for ladies.

Meanwhile, models with standard sizes that are unisex, in neutral and winter tones such as white, black and gray, can also be achieved. In relation to specific models (for children or adults), these usually have a greater range of colors to select and combine with the outfit and the equipment to be used.

In the case of women, they come in pink and purple tones that are usually combined with white or black. For their part, the men's are more sober colors; while those of children have striking figures or prints. Selecting a color will then depend on the personal tastes of each user.


Get gloves that fit perfectly in your hand; of a slightly expandable material that fits tightly. With them you should fasten your boots and firmly hold any object. Mittens are better against the cold, and gloves with articulated fingers are amazing.

Manufacturing materials

If you want to know how much a pair of ski gloves costs, then you should pay attention to the materials that were used by the manufacturer for its manufacture, because this will depend largely on the cost, in addition to features such as waterproofing and insulation level thermal.

You should consider that they fulfill their main function, that is, that they protect you from the cold, keeping your hands warm, but at the same time dry. Also, despite perspiration, they must be able to release moisture so as not to mistreat the skin and prevent blistering.

In this sense, the most conventional materials are usually textiles, as these incorporate technologies with waterproof microfiber that isolates the cold and keeps the temperature convenient.

Closure System

When making a comparison of ski gloves, you cannot leave aside the closing system, since this will depend on the adjustment and support that the glove has on the wrist. Some closures are flimsy and do not fulfill their function correctly, as they are easily released from the hands and the cold reaches the fingers.

For other models, it is necessary to have the help of a second person who is responsible for making the adjustment, especially in those with laces that must be adjusted with a knot. Although there is no closure system that is recognized as the best, customers show their preferences for those models that have a Velcro closure adjustable to the wrist, because it is comfortable and practical both to put on and to remove.


It is vital that the snow gloves you decide to buy have a high-water resistance. This will make your hands dry and your fingers do not freeze. The waterproof layer protects our hands from the elements: wind, snow and, if you're not lucky, rain. This is the first line of defense of our gloves to keep your hands warm. Even the highest quality insulation will not work if your hands are soaked, with the risk of your fingers freezing.

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