Best Snowshoes 2019

Although the low winter temperatures can cause us not to feel too attached to this season, the truth is that it also has its positive aspects, such as staying on weekends in bed until late in the heat of our duvet covers , watching a movie in the sofa wrapped with an electric blanket , or take pleasant walks in the mountains delighting in the snowy landscapes.





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Winterial Highland Snowshoes


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Gpeng 4-in-1 Xtreme


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Yukon Charlies Advanced

Yukon Charlies 

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FLASHTEK 21/25/30 Inches


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ALPS Adult All Terrian


What are Snowshoeing?

Snowshoes for running are designed to move quickly and quickly through snowy terrain. They are smaller than normal snowshoes, since their main function is to lighten the weight of the runner. Their crampons are generally smaller and less jagged to achieve sufficient traction that allows you to easily take your foot off the snow.

Knowing this is to consider that because of its surface, snowshoes for running should not be used for walking on the mountain, as they will sink into the snow too thick and will not offer the necessary traction to climb hills. Nor is it recommended for use on ice, as its traction is very mild.

Buying Guide:


The less they weigh better. Usually some rackets for running should weigh less than 3 pounds each. The material greatly influences all this, usually aluminum is what many manufacturers will use for this type of rackets.


We can find plastic snowshoes (they are the cheapest snowshoes , but also the most fragile, and could be broken at very low temperatures or if we carry a heavy backpack), of more sophisticated materials, such as different polymers and composites (they would be snowshoes with good value for money), and even aluminum snowshoes and snowshoes of manganese , more resistant and expensive, aimed at expeditions and exploration activities.

Try Them Before 

If you have never used rackets for the level, the most sensible thing is that you try to try them before buying a pair. Initiation activities are organized in many mountain areas, where you can rent the equipment for little money. Once you have had your first snow experiences, you will have a better point of view on whether to make the investment of buying your own pair or not.


The simple snowshoe models are intended for walking on level terrain without any incline. They aren't suitable for technical, difficult or steep terrain for experts. The frames are somewhat similar although wider than the racing versions or narrower into the width of these mountain versions.

The heavier the snow and the heavier the load of the gear, more and the broader the frames must be that you don't sink in the snow. Though they are extended to match the dimensions and usage Fundamental snowshoes have frames that are shorter and narrower.


It is possible to find cheap snowshoes from 50 euros (with simple designs that are not usually very durable) and professional snowshoes for more than 200 euros (made with high quality materials that offer a long service life). Our advice is that you value the use that you are going to make of the rackets and, depending on that, try to reach a compromise between quality and good prices.

For Running

While mountain and basic versions can at times be traded without significant troubles, snowshoe versions are made specifically for optimum snow efficacy. They're lightweight, have tail spans and eyeglasses that are narrow.

Flotation isn't the most important concern for rival and conducting, the issue that is main is that you achieve a great rate that is running. The crampons are semi-pointed for the grip while walking preserved. Start looking for a framework dimensions, and grip for your movement that is noninvasive if you would like to run with snowshoes.


The frames were made from wood forming ovals or tear drop shapes. Now all layouts have been framed with metal, including aluminum, carbon steel or fiber. Some designs are assembled of vinyl. The framework determines size and the form of this racket. It'll be oval for conical or flotation to have a measure that is pure and lead to motion. It has frames for girls and frames are created with tail.

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