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Finding the best Subwoofer can be tricky sometimes and it depends on lots of things before finding the best one for you. Well you did the hard work for you and in this detailed post you will find 5 best subwoofer reviews and some other important things to consider.





SVS PB16-Ultra 1500 Watt 16"


MartinLogan Dynamo 700W 10"


Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofer


Kicker 40CWR122 CompR Series


YST-SW216 10" 100 Watt Powered


5 Best Subwoofer Reviews:

1. SVS PB16-Ultra 1500 Watt 16" Ported Cabinet Subwoofer

We have never indeed obtained a bit of audio equipment such as the PB16-Ultra. It required two people to maneuver the thing. This is not, and it is the one we have come across that has directions that are unboxing!

That is, without doubt, the home entertainment sub available. Exquisitely-built, using gorgeous and straightforward program directions. It is not it is loud, but to a high degree, it arouses visits and matches dislodges and glasses image frames.

It is the bass is clean, reliable, different, using a degree of detail and depth which shouldn't be possible at a sub-par. Together with 1,500 watts of electricity (constant - the summit is an ear-shattering 5,000), powered with an utterly stunning pair of personal electronic equipment, this can be a subwoofer for those ages - though it is probably not for smaller chambers, or people searching for natural pleasures.

When compared with the models this is the one which supplies them, and is the most available; we favor this one although we adore the Funk Audio as well as the JL Audio versions. It is a roaring creature of a subwoofer, and it is a simple number one.

2. MartinLogan Dynamo 700W 10" Subwoofer

Martin Logan has enlarged over the accomplishment of the Dynamo lineup with the streamlined yet robust Dynamo 700W. It's a frequency assortment of 24 -- 200Hz. It sports 600W at the summit, also a high current amp plus a 10" cone driver that provides smooth bass that's kept tight and thick.

The plan is a setup that is down-firing but transforms into an installation that is front-firing. Along with the radio transmitter and receiver means that you may keep a look of wires, however, there is a link available if chosen. There is a three position phase change, a low pass 35-120 liter crossover, volume level and crossover controls.

This subwoofer isn't protected, so it is going to have to be put on screens and TVs. The Dynamo 700W is a superb option if you're trying to find a receiver. It can provide a noise that is massive while maintaining the tiniest of bass free of distortion; the answer is non-resonant and eloquent.

3. Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofer

It is beautiful. Nonetheless, it is not that. They offer you a wireless version of the subs too (but I urge wired for real work, and it is cheaper). Contrary to each the other people on this list using their plastic stoves that are perfect, this boy has precisely what Klipsch is currently calling Injection Molded Graphite or even an IMG cone.

My Adam A7 screens have tweeters which are degree although I am generally skeptical about that material. What it does here produces a cone that reduces distortion and split, especially. Alright back to the specs.

The 12" woofer (biggest listed here however that they have a 10" alternative also if you would like to decrease the price somewhat) can reliably reach as much as 29 Hz as well as 120 Hz using its 200 Watt electricity requirement. It's a bass jack on low-passes, stage change, the trunk, as well as the functions.

There is a detachable (as pictured) fabric grill it is possible to snap also. You're able to observe the pins for this in the picture above. I would use it to keep dust.

4. Kicker 40CWR122 CompR Series 12 inch Subwoofer

Moving to the rivalry tier subwoofer, the Kicker 40CWR122 1 2 inches 2 Ohm subwoofer comes in at # 4. To begin with, the Kicker 40CWR122 is graded in handling 1,000-watt amps and also not exactly 500 g are RMS (however a few have promised 800 watts RMS). Recommended distance for the closed box is located between 1.0 to 4.6 cubic ft and flashed plate is located between 1.75 cubic feet and also 2.25 cubic ft) As a few have said if you'd like to maintain your rear-view mirror... Aren't getting one of them. For approximately 100 dollars, in summary, the value will be performance and decent is where it needs to be.

5. YST-SW216 10" 100 Watt Powered Subwoofer Black

Yamaha servo technology removes impedance, ensuring exceptional performance, precise movement and pressure. Input and outputs are articles that are 3-way. It's a frequency selection of 25 - 180Hz.

You'll come across many attributes such as sound reduction and an integrated cutoff filter. It performs within a house entertainment system, but might not be the ideal option for music necessitating a bass response that is fast. But that is not to say that the sound does not carry substantial electricity, as this little power can rattle newspapers from across an area; the "flourish" variable during films is a definite plus.

Things to Consider:

RMS Power

The RMS power rating is the total amount of power the speaker can manage without causing harm, and it's a high index of how loudly and substantial that the subwoofer is. So a number of the evaluations are inflated peak electricity is not a fantastic indicator of performance since there is not a method for businesses to quantify that. If you're placing your subwoofer you do not want one with 1,500 watts of electricity -- the images may shake off your walls.

Driver Size

We analyzed both 10-inch along with 12-inch subwoofers. More significant drivers produce bass only because they have air moves within the enclosure and also a surface area. Subwoofers are suitable for large theatre rooms, and they're frequently too expensive for the average customer, which explains precisely why we didn't test them. Additionally, you'd be better off buying 2 10- or 12-inch woofers and putting them in useful places instead of attempting to create one big subwoofer do an excessive amount of work.


If you would like a system which booms, there is no replacement for lots of electricity. Pay attention not peak energy ratings. RMS ratings are a measure than peak electricity signal and quantify output or power handling. Ensure to fit the energy managing of the sub for the electricity output of your amp.


Sensitivity goes hand-in-hand together with electricity to attain high output signal. A sub which has a sensitivity score requires less power to make precisely the same quantity of noise for a model using a sensitivity score.

Enclosure Specs

Lots of the criteria we have been talking is relatively standard across all speakers. However, here. Car speakers should think about this since you mounting a speaker or even on a mount the auto. However, a subwoofer ought to have an enclosure. You will find different pens anyplace, or you may also construct your ring to personalize it into the contours of your car or truck, but if you will want to match the specs of your ring as far as possible into the specs of the advised producer enclosure specs.

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