Best Tents for Backpacking

Packing a tent that is top-notch is among the greatest strategies to improve comfort, security, and pleasure on excursions. However, when you're in the market for a tent, then you realize that we have a good deal of alternatives out there. Searching for the tent that is ideal to fulfill your requirements can become overwhelming.





Kelty TN2 Person Tent


Big Agnes - Copper Spur HV UL

Big Agnes

Hilleberg Niak 2 Person


Hilleberg Anjan GT 2 Person


Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight 3-Season

Sierra Designs

5 Best Tents for Backpacking Reviews:

1. Kelty TN2 Person Tent

The Kelty TN2 is a funding cane with high headroom and a trendy stargazing rain-fly feature. Even though it’s still not as mild as my favorite tents, the TN2 is also reduced in weight than budget backpacking tents.

I like the rain fly lowered in case the weather changes and on the TN2 could be wrapped up in clear heavens. The drawback with TN2 is the fact that it is shorter than many tents. Therefore it is not an excellent match for hikers.

Additionally, it does not have any pockets, and among the doors of it is bigger compared to another for a few reasons. Kelty makes Grand Mesa series and the Salida, each of which are cheaper, more, and milder but their layouts that are small-vestibule cut down on liability. Select up the footprint if you would like to boost tent flooring durability. This tent can be accessible 4-person and 3-person versions.


2. Big Agnes – Copper Spur HV UL Tent

A winner in our tent inspection high quality of it and quantity, and the comfy weight. As hill gusts strategy it is resilient in states, providing reassurance and protection.

It isn’t quite as durable as the Hilleberg Anjan 2 GT using all the Anjan’s storm, but in downpours, the shield isn’t matched with any tent. It has two doors, and ample vestibules nevertheless keep its weight at 3 pounds 4.6 oz, third lightest in our review.

This tent has been taken by our experts anywhere. Thru-hikers and routine backpackers will find the usefulness.


3. Hilleberg Niak 2 Person Tent

The Nick is the lightest tent up to now of Hilleberg, coming weight. In case you haven’t utilized a Hillberg tents constructed to withstand this firm makes harsh environments, and they’re famous for their high-quality build.

It’s hard to go back to other manufacturers as soon as you’ve slept in a Hilleberg. Bear in mind that Hillebergs are among the backpacking tents available on the industry and are not called ventilators. They are excellent for rain and the wind but overkill for summer conditions.

About what to add on this listing, our editors here in Switchback Travel debated. The Anjan has a single door at the end of the tent, which means that sleeping two does not need one individual to crawling over another to escape (the Nika has just one big door on the side).

Along with the Anjan includes a slightly larger floor space in 30.1 square feet rather than 28. Both are high-quality tents, but we enjoy the 3 ounces of weight reduction and absence of tapering in the feet of the Nick.


4. Hilleberg Anjan GT 2 Person Tent

Our testers reach to your Hilleberg Anjan GT whenever they expect to experience some unpleasant weather conditions. This is the ideal option if you will need a tent which will extend into the Winter Squall from Spring’s thaw.

Whether biking bicycle touring around the planet the Pacific Crest Trail or car camping in the playground, the Hilleberg Anjan two provides the greatest balance of total weather resistance, weight, the relaxation that is ample, and exceptional strength and durability.

This is also. Our testers used the Anjan on excursions from Maine, and they carried it together on a bike tour throughout India and Nepal and down the Baja peninsula. The Anjan GT isn’t the tent but makes up for this in comfort, storm security, and durability.

It is the most kayak we analyzed, making it a great price although on the pricey side. For much more wiggle room, check the Anjan 3 GT, ideal for awaiting storms at the tent out.


5. Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight 3-Season Tent

Trying to find a comfortable solution for car-camping and something mild enough for a time from the hills? Even the Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight 2 brings many features that we’d like to kids or friends in the local park in addition to at the mountains.

We fell in love with all the tall sidewalls on the tub floor through a rainy spring night, and the peak elevation was comfy for a 5’10” individual to sit down and proceed. Weighing in at 3 lb the Tarptent reach for fat in the center of our testing package, and packs down.





Tent prices cover the entire spectrum. Finding tents for under $100 around $1000 is possible. Just like all equipment, you will find trade-offs. It may fit your requirements although the shelter is not likely to last.

You might require something durable but will have to invest more than $500 for the potency and attributes needed. In the end, durable or lightweight materials cost more.


Apart from price, among the first things to choose if purchasing a kayak is the way a lot of people that you need space for. Backpacking tents tend to be more, although more often for a few individuals. Once you get to have some tents, it is more flexible.

Tent places can hold a two or one individual and are small. If you’re sleeping, you want a one person, but you’d need a two individual if you intend to get another join you. Then add a second person if you do not mind carrying a little more weight and getting more space inside.


As soon as you understand how a lot of people that you’d love to fit in your tent, you, two or more, then it’s possible to narrow down just how much space you will want inside. Two person tents that are little can be tight with just two people but create a shelter for a single individual.

You’d love to get along with your tent partner and also how large your sleeping mat will influence how much distance you would like inside. Overweight people will need tents that are bigger. Expecting being stuck at the shelter in inclement weather or having equipment are good reasons for space.


Weight is a huge factor with backpacking tents. These tents will need to match in your spine. You may be carrying them. There’s always a balance between relaxation and weight. Lighter tents are bigger indoors. Before purchasing to see how tall and wide it is, if you’re able to, spend a while in the tent.

A tent may be lightweight but also small. 3 season tents are going to be the lightest, 3.5 seasons thicker, and four years heavier still. You will be carrying around excess fat from the winter months although you could make use of a four year all year round.

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