Best Turkey Decoys 2023

Turkeys are well-known for their extraordinary vision, and large toms are known to be very cautious, that is how they become large toms following all! For many seekers who've invested time in the specialty, hearing turkeys is one thing, viewing them is yet another, and receiving them to the shooting range is something different entirely.





AvianX Breeder Turkey




AvianX Jake Quarter


MOJO Outdoors Scoot

MOJO Outdoors

Primos 69064 Gobstopper

Primos Hunting

5 Best Turkey Decoys Reviews:

1. AvianX Breeder Turkey Decoy

That is just another two-pole system decoy which allows for freedom of presenting, but not quite as far since the Miss Purr-Fect. This decoy also supposes the feather-like looks to get significant durability. It lacks both the sensible feather cuts and organic motion of this Miss Purr-Fect to attain some real lasting durability outside from the wild and in warmer climates.

To be able to secure more presents from the one which you must, sadly, purchase decoys in that present. However, this decoy has its advantages. Like mentioned, it is exceptionally durable and may be utilized in far more surroundings compared to Miss Purr-Fect that, while lasting, will wear due to its realistic feathers.

This version here will take on rain, snow, and demanding terrain several occasions over and return for more. It is posing can be in an extremely receptive one that is demonstrated to pull male turkeys. It will not fall prey to turning of different decoys, is highly portable, and collapses for simple storage.

2. MONTANA DECOY Miss Purr-Fect

This technology can help to recreate the decoy's versatility. 2 leg rod slits, that help correct its poses are additionally included by the Miss Purrfect. Pay attention to the video embedded in a fantastic presentation of those three indicated configurations ('Looker,' ' 'Breeder,' also 'Feeder'). Even the Miss Purrfect can be dropped or installed in only moments and includes a very lightweight construction without sacrificing quality.

3. AvianX Jake Quarter Strut Decoy

The Avian X Jake Quarter Strut Decoy has our pride to be among the most effective inflatable decoys out there. Avian X has produced bait using an ultra-lifelike paint plot, the one which most have clarified usually leaving the hunter to execute a doubletake of her or his decoy! The present that the bait has turned into a one, that helps attract in both birds.

The bet it mounts is 1 bit and folds to incorporate reliability. The decoy has a unique carry bag and just a turkey hunting DVD.

4. MOJO Outdoors Scoot & Shoot Turkey Hunting Decoy

This is the finest in my view even if it's all but a tie with my next choice under. What I enjoy about this one, however, will be the elongated bottom wings which keep you nicely coated when slipping up on a gobbler. The Mojo Scoot & Shoot performs very well because of the true to lifestyle and intense attention to information.

The focus of good life gobblers only gets locked on that decoy letting you move cheerfully supporting it without being seen. The measurements of this Scoot and Shoot are 37" high x 26" wide x 12"thick. This foaming body created decoy using a rugged metallic framework is very light at 4 lbs and simple to move with the manage built to the floor bet. You have to maneuver towards gobblers and place down the decoy effortlessly to prepare your shot.

5. Primos 69064 Gobstopper Jake & Hen Decoy Combo

This two-for-one combo deal is all about as good as it gets. The Primo Jake and Hen decoys are lightweight and simple to establish. They seem real because Primo utilizes a high-tech procedure to craft turkeys that look as real as you can.

The two birds are cheap and built to survive. They're inflatable. However, the bladder is small and hard to puncture. They include metal bets that operate with all kinds of ground.

They're coated with a cloth that emulates the movements of genuine feathers. They're painted using HD paint to confuse the actual turkeys which are attracted to them genuinely. The set includes a mesh bag and two bets.

The set of turkeys can easily be folded up and fit interior their Jake's entire body. They are also able to be placed in a vest for much more convenience.

Things to Consider:


A terrific turkey decoy has to be reached from durable substances. It's quite significant bearing in mind the number of abuses that a lure goes via. A lasting bait is one who can resist the abuses of hitting tough sides your truck, one which communicates all of the fights together with gobblers, doesn't get scratches readily, etc..


There's not any doubt that the bet needs to be steady and withstand some weather conditions, the unusually heavy end. It needs to be made from metal rather than a plastic substance. Look.


You do not wish to purchase a decoy that's too bulky. This will give you many issues whenever hauling it into your searching zones or if you are setting this up.

Thus, the very best way out of the distress is buying a decoy that's very lightweight and adheres to a compact dimension. The majority of the baits arrive with a carry bag that is an advantage.

Setting Up

The decoy shouldn't take a while to find prepared to utilize it and put up. Be sure that it doesn't demand any alterations and extra info to work out how to use it properly, which means you don't need to flex the moment.

Measure Up

Turkeys have short legs, therefore to get a deke to break at an organic elevation, make sure it's staked heavy, but not overly burdensome, in the earth. A foot or so off the floor is all about perfect.

Though this might appear insignificant, recall toms see genders every day in their lives, and not once do they encounter one which occurs to be three times taller than most of the rest. What is more, actual birds do not stand jagged or muddy, so make sure your fakes stay vertical and straight.

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