Best Walking Shoes For Flat Feet – Men & Women

Looking for the best walking shoes for flat feet? Do you have flat feet? Have a look at your foot. Does it have an upward curve in the middle? This arch is the work of several tendons in the foot and lower leg that work together to create the arch. If they do not pull together correctly, it can mean that the arches aren’t there as they should be – leading to discomfort while walking, a situation we call as fallen arches or flat fee.

If you are looking for an easier way out of the mess, you are probably looking for some fabulous walking shoes that can help make your entire walking experience more comfortable. Walking with flat feet isn’t a good feeling after all.

​Understanding the Flat Feet Problem

Do you feel an ache when you start walking? You might have flat feet. When your feet have an arch that is lower than usual, it is known as flat feet.

People suffering from flat feet should wear the right walking shoes to feel comfortable when walking. Let us take a look at the best walking shoes for flat feet for both men and women.

​How to Choose Best Walking Shoes For Flat Feet?

​Do you feel discomfort while walking? You might be having flat feet. Flat feet are more common than you might think and a lot of people have it which can cause them serious discomfort and pain while walking.

Having flat feet might be challenging for you. Since most shoes designed for people with arch feet, you may find the shoes you bought or planning to buy is slightly uncomfortable to wear.

This isn’t something to ignore, but instead, you need to find the right shoes for your feet. This guide will provide you with points to consider before buying any shoes since proper shoes help the ankles to support the body and reduce pain associated with the condition.

​Arch support

Your foot is very special; made of 26 bones held together by 33 joints. It’s also composed of over 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments to make up the arch of foot. These arches provide a spring-type system to assist in moving the body.

When you have flat feet, it’s important to find shoes that incorporate arch supports that replicate foot’s normal arch. This can be checked by pushing down the inside of the shoes. Firm support is better for you than soft cushion.

If you can’t find any shoes that have arch supports, you can always use orthotics, a tool to create artificial arch placed inside the shoes.

​Raised Insoles

Unlike normal shoes, shoes designed for arch feet must have raised insoles, allowing the middle of the foot to rest higher and provide additional support for the foot and ankle.

You would have to try on many shoes to determine which one is the best for you though, since the arch is different in each shoe.

​Specific shoe design

Podiatrists recommend shoes that have motion control and straight last base to stabilize the foot when moving. These shoes have more support for the mid-foot; a reinforced heel and a piece of cardboard that runs the length of the shoe for greater stability.

This way, your shoes will be able to absorb the shock when walking, and minimize your soreness, pain, and even your risk in damaging tendon.

Some of the tips mentioned above serve as a guide when choosing the perfect walking shoes. Seeming insignificant, the right shoes are more than looking good but also having better health.

You also need to keep in mind that it’s better to buy shoes during the day, and if you mostly wear socks, bring it along as well.

Finally, choose the right shoes for you, since you know your feet the best. Some products are recommended but in the end, find the most comfortable for you.​

​Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet Men

Here are some of the best walking shoe for flat feet for men that will help men who have flat feet.





Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 3


Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker


ASICS Men’s Gel-Foundation Walker 2


VIONIC with Orthaheel Technology Men’s


New Balance Men’s MW928

New Balance

Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 3 Slip-On

These shoes offer a seamless mix of style and performance and are ideal for people suffering from flat feet. It boasts of easy on and off, has a fabric trim and a footbed which is completely cushioned along with being immensely lightweight.

You will get superb impact absorption with the ResalyteTM technology midsole.

The Memory Foam padded heel cup gives a customized and perfect fit.​ You will get superb impact absorption with the ResalyteTM technology midsole. The Memory Foam padded heel cup gives a customized and perfect fit.

Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

Having a feel and fit of a running shoes, these are just what you need for your basic walking needs. It is extremely durable and comes with a MoGo midsole cushioning which is essential for people suffering from flat feet.

The full-grain leather upper, reliable outsole which never allows the user to slip in wet weather and strong support together make these just the shoes you are looking for.

Forefoot and rear Hydroflow offer shock absorption and complete cushioning. It also offers a great deal of stability with the PDRB triple-density post.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Foundation Walker 2 Walking Shoe

If you are looking for enhanced stability and comfort, then these are just the shoes for you. These shoes have been constructed with the DuoMax support system and come with a dual-density SpEVA.

The midsole are designed to offer good rebound and comfort making it perfect for flat feet.

Each step that you take lightens up with the Trusstic System while the rubber insole offers added cushioning due to the DuraSponge.

The ComforDry TM anti-microbial sockliner keeps all types of odor away and the foot environment feeling fresh. These shoes offer a personalized fit to every user.

VIONIC with Orthaheel Technology Men’s Walker

These shoes are equipped with the Orthaheel Technology Walker which is quite helpful in reducing discomfort associated with foot ailments such as flat feet.

It comes with podiatrist-designed support and comfort making you feel relaxed and at ease when walking in these shoes.

Full grain leather, water-resistance, and a mesh upper which is breathable account for its top features. You will also get interior comfort in these shoes with the foam-padded polyester mesh lining.

A deep heel cup and foot-cradling arch support are just what people suffering from flat feet need and these shoes offers all this and much more.

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New Balance Men’s MW928 Walking Shoe

These shoes are known to provide ROLLBAR with E-NERGY feature which together offer a more responsive ride and make you feel completely comfortable in your shoes.

The motion control feature in these shoes offer maximum cushioning and stability being great for people suffering from flat feet.

Moreover, the ABZORB midfoot cushioning helps the user create a balance between his toes and heels.

Being immensely lightweight, wearing these shoes makes the user feel as if he is wearing nothing at all. Extremely stylish to look at from outside, walking in them from the inside makes a person feel as if these shoes have been custom-made for him!

Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet Women

​These were just some of the shoes for women that will help you take care of your flat feet condition.

The shoes are aimed at helping women walk comfortably and are designed to not just offer comfort but suit the different tastes.





Vionic Kona Women's Orthotic Athletic


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New Balance Women’s WX608V4

New Balance

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RYKA Women’s Dash


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Skechers Women’s Go Walk 3


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ASICS Women’s Metrolyte Slip On


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Vionic Kona Women's Orthotic Athletic

Being the epitome of style and comfort these are yet another great shoes for flat feet. Each step you take in these shoes gets stabilized with the Orthotic four-degree arch support and also helps avoid excess pronation.

The shoes are so designed to help the feet to re-align to their natural position thereby reducing any existing pain in the knee, foot or back.

These shoes have been clinically proven to reduce causes of flat feet along with the pain associated with it. These shoes are available in a variety of colors and widths.

New Balance Women’s WX608V4 Training Shoe

These are yet another great pair of shoes for women suffering from flat feet. With a rubber sole, these shoes are synonymous to comfort.

Though they look extremely stylish on the outside, once you set your feet inside them, you feel maximum comfort and support from every side.​

The injection molded ethylene vinyl acetate midsole is great for flat feet as it gives the much needed support to your feet especially in the middle.

Also the ABZORB heel offers added cushioning at the heels allowing you to walk longer and more comfortably.

RYKA Women’s Dash Walking Shoe

Being a sleek and lightweight pair of walking shoes, these are just what you need for upper stability and complete cushioning.

Known to be a versatile performer, these shoes look great on women of all ages and take care of your problem of flat feet without any trouble.

The upper is leather made of high density foam so that the shoes last long and are comfortable to wear. The Ortholite footbed is the star attraction of these shoes which makes it a favourite choice of people suffering from flat feet or knee and foot pain.

The solid rubber outsole promises increased flexibility and traction. This is one of the best walking shoes for flat feet and pain relief.

Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 3 Force Slip-On Walking Shoes

Apart from bein4g lightweight, these shoes have a superb FitKnit mesh fabric on the upper and a synthetic stabilizing heel panel which helps give comfort and cushioning to the heels.

The fabric edging trim, memory Foam padded heel cup, and absolute walking comfort makes it a favourite amongst women who like to go for long walks every day despite their flat feet issue.

The GoPillars technology on the outsole and midsole enhances all-day support while the GOimpulse offer flexibility to the feet and make the walking experience more responsive.

ASICS Women’s Metrolyte Slip On Walking Shoes

​These shoes are perfect for daily walking and offer superb flexibility and comfort with every step you take.

The extra support near the midsole region helps people with flat feet walk regularly and more comfortably without any pain or trouble later on.

These AsicsMetrolyteTM Slip-on shoes offer the user a secure and snug fit as if it has been custom-made for the user’s feet. The shoes fit onto the feet giving a glove-like feel and are extremely durable in nature.

The rubber outsole and a textile lining make it look stylish while the cushioned footbed allows the feet to breathe easily even when worn for long durations.

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​People with flat feet are often buying expensive equipment to help them lead a comfortable life – why not buy a walking shoe that does the trick instead?

​​These walking shoes are great for flat feet and will help you to take care of your conditions easily. Add to it the fact that it will also help you to do more with yourself and get a walking experience where you experience true comfort.

You wouldn’t have to shy away from a morning walk anymore because your feet pains. With the right walking shoe, you will actually enjoy those brisk walks in the morning. Finding the best walking shoes for flat feet is not that easy. We researched and test various shoes and we found these shoes best for flat feet.

The shoes will not only make your daily walking a pleasure but also help you with your condition of flat feet; just order the one that suits you best and starts walking in them today.

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