Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes Review

In 2015, the new Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes were said to be updated and improved in design and comfort over the last year’s version.

The current version is meant to be more responsive for severe overpronators, as it provides stability, a firm support and a sole that uses a Super DNA motion-control and patented material.

Protection, and comfort during pace and surface chance, along with the design of the upper part of the shoes are considered to create a neutral walking shoe that responds to your every step and that provides a smooth transition, to enhance your efficiency during walks or runs.

The Features of Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

High-Performance Rubber (HPR) Outsole

The outsole of the shoe made of an abrasion-resistant rubber compound (HPR) that is durable and will not wear out for a long time. Moreover, the Ballistic Rock Shield incorporated can reduce pressure on your foot, when stepping on stones, rocks or pebbles, because the impact is spread to the forefoot area.

Another interesting fact about pronation control is that it enables by the presence of the Progressive Diagonal Rollbar, which also adds optimum rigidity to the Brooks Addiction models.


HydroFlow Cushioning System Midsole

Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes constructed with much attention to the midsole area. The HydroFlow cushioning system actually found under the heel area.

Thus, the midsole has a system of chambers designed to provide shock absorption. Besides this, the midsole also has the Modular Technology, in order to provide flexibility and a comfortable forefoot ride.

All these technologies incorporated have unique and ingenious properties, to absorb and reduce shock during each takeoff and also during landing.

Full Grain Upper Part

The upper part of the Brooks Addiction shoes keeps the secure feeling of a light combination of full-grain leather overlays. This feature helps improve the support that the shoe offers you.

The design provides a secure and comfortable wear, a better foot position, and a roomier shoe, due to the asymmetrical shape of the upper part. Also, the full grain leather protects your feet in wet areas and also avoids the slipping tendencies.

The shoes look visually pleasant, and they are a fine cosmetic choice for this version.

Arch Support and Pronation Control

The Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes provides movement control and arch support because of the cushioning system and different innovations utilized. Additionally, the Brooks Addiction made for runners with over to serious pronation.

If you are a man with a small arch, your arch will collapse a microsecond after each foot strikes internally.

Movement control shoes, for example, the Brooks Addiction can give you a precise support and are also created for the individuals who are either tall, a little heavier (measuring more than 75 kg), or bent-legged runners.

BioMoGo Technology

BioMoGo is a biodegradable material which has unique insulating properties. This original polymer construction is more durable even that the EVA material, used by Brooks.

This is the reason why this award- winning and full- length midsole cushioning system will provide a more flexible and also balanced walking and running experience by adjusting to the particular weight, speed and also biomechanics of each.

Moreover, the BioMoGo material helps the shoe to decompose up to 50 times faster, respecting the “Brooks Runs Green” logo.


  • Comfortable – The innovative enhanced sock liner increases comfort
  • Stability – The Brooks Addiction has many security features, specially designed for over to severe pronators
  • Better heel strike to toe transition – powered by the triple density post called the Progressive Diagonal Rollbar. The smoother transition reduces the appearance of cramps or other problems and enhances performance for walking
  • Durability – Due to the High-Performance Rubber outsole the shoe does not wear out quickly
  • Eco-friendly Shoe – due to the BioMoGo compound and its natural and non-toxic additives


  • Heavy – As expected, because of the superior cushioning they weigh heavier than running shoes and might not be the best choice for speed. This may be the downside of this model that is worth mentioning.


Q: What is the Price of these shoes?
A: The Brooks Addiction is regularly priced at approximately $$$. The shoe might seem a bit expensive. But users confirm that the price is worth it, because of all the technologies incorporated and the quality materials used.

Q: Which are the Uses of the Brooks Addiction?
A: Users have substantially confirmed that they can wear the Brooks Addiction models for standard training like walking, short distance running, marathons or even endurance runs, and workouts. The positive reviews have confirmed that the model has a good cushioning system and provides security, endurance, and comfort.


While the Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking shoe may not be a light shoe that most runners would need. This shoe is without a doubt an exquisite walking movement-control shoe for over to extreme pronators.

The upper part design and the sole shape are meant to assist the individual and to minimize the pressure at each foot-strike while relying on the comfort of extra cushioning.

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