Emarth Qanliiy 12X32 Dual Focus Binoculars Compact Telescopes Review

Looking to get more than just a pair of binoculars in your hands? Why not try out the Emarth Qanliiy 12X32 Dual Focus Binoculars Compact Telescopes.

They offer you a lot more than just being able to view the scenery you want. Acting as a compact telescope as well, this offering from Emarth has some amazing focus ability that will help distant objects seem a lot closer to you, with full ability to see the details.

What can you use it for? Owning a good pair of compact binoculars can help enhance your activities be it hunting, bird watching or travelling to start with! These binoculars are just what you need to have a great outdoor trip!

Emarth Qanliiy 12X32 Dual Focus Binoculars Compact Telescopes Review

Here is a look at some of the features that makes this compact Binocular different than others.

Clear Images and Wide Use

The Emarth Qanliiy binoculars boast of a high-level viewing with the 12×32 dual focus in it. The user will capture a clear and bright image every time he sees through it.

It can be widely used for camping, hiking, fishing, bird watching, hunting and much more due to its mini portable character and is quite easy to use.

Waterproof and Fogproof Roof Prism

This binocular has a waterproof and fog proof Roof prism system which helps the user use it during the worst of weather conditions or when visibility is not great.

The BaK-4 prisms offer crisp, clear and bright viewing even if the user is quite far away from the field of view. The binocular weighs just over a pound making it quite lightweight.

Dual Focus System

The dual focus system which consists of a central focus and a right eyepiece focus ensures that you can adjust the focus as per your needs and look from either both the eyepieces or one.

The non-slip grid ensures that the binoculars never fall from the user’s hands and remain in them steadily.

Eye Relief and Magnification

Emarth Qanliiy 12X32 Dual Focus Binoculars by Emarth have a brilliant 12x magnification making it quite easy and clear to see the field of view which might be hundreds of yards away.

A 20mm eye relief ensures that people with glasses will also get a clear and crisp view without taking off their glasses at all. It also has a 32mm objective diameter and covers 4-15000m distance.


  • Great magnification ability to view images in great detail
  • Superior eye relief that makes viewing through the binoculars for long hours an ease
  • Non-slip grid that ensures the binocular stays right in your hand, always
  • Dual focus system ensures that you can focus on the objects all the time
  • Steady viewing ability to ensure that you do not have to worry about the views shaking when focusing r magnifying more
  • Waterproof/ fog proof roof prism system


  • The lens at the top of the binoculars turn too easily


Q: Will I find lens covers in the package or not?
A: Yes, I was pretty surprised that for the amount I am paying, I got a neck strap, objective and eyepiece lens cover, lens cloth and a telescope case along with the binoculars. Absolute value for money!

Q: Are these binoculars compact to be carried in a pocket?
A: If your pants have a large pocket, then you can easily carry the binoculars in them or use the neck strap to hang it around the neck as I do. It is easy to carry and use this way.


If you love wildlife, and want to have a pair of binocular that can double up as a telescope, Emarth Qanliiy 12X32 Dual Focus Binoculars is your choice.

You can use it for all your needs, from being able to witness wildlife to bird gazing on those lazy sunday mornings. The 12x mgnification is just right for you to view far off objects and the dual focus system is a great feature.

Best, you get to own a pair of binoculars without spending a fortune on it and not compromising on the product quality!

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