How to Choose the Best Pressure Washer

Electric pressure washers have to get hooked up to a power socket, but are extremely light and mobile. Gas powered components are more effective, but reliability (if they are in use) is restricted by the duration of the nozzle. Professional pressure washers are usually truck-mounted, but I have written another article on this you may want to test it out. For the time being, it is on with a overall purchasing guide.

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Why Do You Need a Pressure Washer?

A pressure washer cleans all from drives and decks to siding, garage flooring and automobiles. They provide up to 75 times greater electricity than a typical garden hose, so giving you the capability to burst away built-up mould, mould, mildew, dirt and dirt to restore surfaces to favor state in a fraction of the time it would ordinarily take. In moments, you can hook it up to a house backyard hose and get prepared to wash.


Petrol Powered or Electric?

For national jobs, the most frequent kind of pressure washer is the electric powered one. They’re generally, lighter, need less maintenance and may just be plugged in to your house mains electricity to begin. You can find electric powered pressure washer versions for all sorts of domestic jobs, big and small.

Petrol-powered pressure washers, are usually more suited to moderate – to heavy duty tasks around your house or property. They create stress and water flow rates in the high end of this range and can be utilized whenever you aren’t near mains power. Like every gas powered piece of gear, it needs a few light maintenance very similar to your lawn mower.

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How to Choose the Best pressure washer

Need to clean the exterior of your property, decking or driveway? Pressure washer components are among these tools, you do not realise you want until you try it. Here is what to search for to find the ideal tool for your job.



This can be essential and will depend on what you need, the greater the pressure the simpler it is that the eliminate dirt since there’s more power. Stress is measured in pubs, and average pressure washers will vary from 110 up to 180 bar.



All Briggs & Stratton pressure washers are powered by Briggs & Stratton engines, which are designed for easy starting, dependable performance, reduced noise and longer lifetime. For heavy duty cleaning projects, look for motors with an OHV design, which delivers a cooler, cleaner and much more efficient engine.


Water Flow Rate

The water flow rate is generally measured in liters per hour or minute. If matched with a high PSI, a top water flow rate will indicate quite efficient cleaning and burning capacity.


Water Butt Connectivity

A water butt connection will permit you to purchase a compatible accessory which can connect your pressure washer into your water butt. It will mean you may use the rainwater accumulated on your water butt for your pressure washing machine, saving you money and being kinder to the environment.


Pressure washer power output

The greater the horsepower or wattage, the stronger the engine. Strong machines will have the ability to deal with working at higher pressures and for more extended periods of time.


Trigger gun

Here really will be the pressure washer’s workhorse , allowing you to command and direct the stream of water. Start looking for an ergonomically designed handle with easy to use holding.


Safety clothing

We recommend investing in protective eyewear and sturdy boots when handling large pressure cleaning jobs as you’re going to be surprised how much dirt can be eliminated and how far this can fly.

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How to Maintain Your Pressure Washer

Routine upkeep varies by model, but proper maintenance of your pressure washer ensures effective operation and a lifetime for your system. General inspections are pump and recommended care is particularly important when you store a pressure washer in freezing temperatures. Usually, gas pressure washers need more maintenance than electric models, including air filter, oil and spark plug changes.


Final Word

All of the information above boils down to one thing: ALWAYS purchase a pressure washer based on your cleaning requirements. You do not need all that extra power if you’re not planning to make use of it. If you truly have to do some heavy cleaning cleaning, you have to acquire a more effective pressure washer.

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