How To Choose The Best Walking Shoes

How To Choose The Best Walking Shoes that you would love? If you are trying to buy a shoe that you will love walking in, don’t forget to buy one that’s made for you. Your walking shoe can help you walk comfortably as well as alleviate different ailments that make walking difficult for you.

When choosing your walking shoe, take care to get one that fits your foot completely, and you’re able to walk around in it comfortably. We are going to look at some of the features your walking shoe should offer.

How To Choose The Best Walking Shoes

How To Choose The Best Walking Shoes

The foot type

The first and foremost thing which you need to focus on is the foot type and the main reason for that are the foot arch will determine the level of comfort. Always try and go for a low, supportive heel which bevels in.

Walker’s foot comes in contact with the ground first and then rolls gradually from its heel to toe. Having a thick heel will lead the foot to slap down rather than roll, thereby slowing your momentum and increasing your possibilities of getting sore shins.

Along with a low supportive heel, go for the ones having a flexible sole enabling to twist and bend in your toe region.

Tough rubber outsoles

This is the second thing which you should look carefully when it comes to walking shoe. Outsole provides stability to the foot base and allows one to walk freely on all kinds of surfaces, even run if they want to. Walking involves less cushioning in the heel as compared to running or training and so focus on one which renders cushioning beneath the ball of the foot.


Even if the weather outside is not appropriate for walking or strolling, a shoe which is waterproof is quite handy. Trail running shoe is a good option here. They have sturdy soles, waterproofing uppers and several supportive features which give you an excellent walking or jogging experience.


To counter hot or humid climates, going for a walking shoe with increased breathability is a smart choice. These shoes have moisture absorbing liners which soak up all the moisture inside and keep the feet nice and relaxed even while walking in sweaty conditions.


The last thing which you want to do is invest in a pair of shoes which do not fit. Irrespective of whichever mode of shopping you tend to, always make it a point to try out the shoe and check whether they are right and comfortable in their fit or not.

Another thing always tries out new shoes wearing socks as you will likely be wearing them for your morning walk.

Style and weight

If your goal is to be fit, then always go for a shoe which is light in weight as it will enable you to move freely. One thing to remember is that walking shoes are meant for linear movement and so not use them for any activity which involves side to side motion or swift lateral cuts.

Taking about the style, there are different types of running shoes which one can tend to. Some of the shoes come with springy laces which do not need to be tied, and some come with synthetic mesh material.

Some walking shoes can even be worn barefooted. Choose one that you will want to wear when you go walking.

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