How to Maintain a Sewing Machine

People like to use a sewing machine for a long time. Most sewing machine problems occur for lack of maintenance. Sewing Machine Maintenance is important to get a good performance from a sewing machine.

If you can ensure some maintenance for your sewing machine, your sewing machine will last for a long time. You can maintenance your sewing machine daily, weekly; monthly depends on your sewing time. Some tools will help you to maintain your sewing machine properly.

If you able to maintain your sewing machine, it will reduce the need of repair and ultimately it will save your time and money.

Sewing machine maintenance is not so difficult just follow the steps and it should your machine well.

How to Maintain a Sewing Machine

Cover your sewing machine:

sewing machine coverMake a habit to cover your sewing machine when you do not use it.

Always try to keep cover your sewing machine with a high-quality case.

You can also use a plastic cover for your sewing machine that makes your sewing machine safe and dust free.

Try not to put your sewing machine near a window and always try to cover it when it is not used.

Unplug your sewing machine:

Unplug your sewing machineFor the better safety of your sewing machine as well as you always unplug your sewing machine before you start cleaning or oiling your machine. It’s one of an important way for sewing machine maintenance.

Regular clean-up is best:

Make a habit to clean up your sewing regularly basically, clean your sewing machine after every project. It’s really important for sewing machine maintenance.

Follow the instruction manually or ask your sewing machine company or an expert sewer to show you how. A routine of cleaning will make your task easy just follow the steps blew.

Regular clean-up is best

At first, you need to be confirming that the presser foot is up. Then start with top part and clean the tension disk with a piece of muslin.

Now the muslin will move smoothly between the disks. Use a can of compressed air, blowing from back to front, loose particles of global tension disks to remove and clean other parts inside the machine. Do not blow into the device, since the air contains moisture and ultimately cause corrosion.

Make a habit to change the needle after completing a sewing project. You should not use a needle again after finishing a project.

Now take out the bobbin, hook race and bobbin case it this applies to your sewing machine (you will not find removal hook in a new computerized sewing machine). Then clean under feed dog and bobbin areas, you can use a brush to clean this. Compressed air may blow out any lint from inside the bobbin case.

Oiling your machine:

Oiling your machineUse well recommended oil for your sewing machine. Never use three-in-one oil. Check your computer manually all the parts if they may require oiling. Use a little droop to oiling your machine, and it is better to oil little than heavy oiling at one time and don’t oil any plastic part.

Final Word

All the steps above are about sewing machine maintenance, and it will help you. I also recommended a check-up by your dealer in every two years. Your machine will provide you years of service if you spend some time and able proper take care of it.

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