How To Measure Foot For Shoe Size At Home

Planning to buy a shoe online? Are you sure about the size you would need for yourself? Want to learn How To Measure Foot For Shoe Size At Home? Buying a shoe and finding the right size shoe has always been one of the customer’s nightmares.

Customers have a tendency to opt for shoes with the right kind of look, but they do not understand the medical conditions that are associated with wearing ill-fitting shoes.

Shoe size varies with time and can change owing to physiological factors, age, obesity and fluid retention ability of the body. Hence most customers decide to visit a shoe store to determine the right sizes for them but then even buying online can be a cheaper and viable solution for them.

So to solve your anxiety over the right size and to save you the time of visiting a shoe store, here’s a quick DIY guide to measure your foot for shoe size at home. No matter what type of shoes you are going to buy, Walking shoes or Running shoes but this guide will help you to get your feet size correctly.

How To Measure Foot For Shoe Size At Home

How to Measure Foot for Shoe Size at Home – Step by Step

Foot length

Determining the foot length is the first step towards knowing the right shoe size.

  1. Required items: a) Paper b) Pencil c)Ruler/Measuring Taped)Socks
  2. Time to measure for accurate measurement: Evening (the feet is at its maximum size during this stage)
  3. Follow the steps below:
  1. a) Wear your socks
  2. b) Find yourself a chair and place one of your feet on the paper firmly
  3. c) Bend your leg a bit to allow the shin to be ahead of the ankle
  4. d) Draw the outline of the feet with a pencil and make sure you hold it upright. This is to avoid extra tracing under your feet.
  5. e) Repeat the same steps for the other feet. In some cases, people tend to have slightly different sizes
  6. f) Mark the widest and longest part of the outline from the toe tip to the heel.
  7. g) Measure the lengths using a scale


Foot width

The next step would be to find the right foot width. It is a myth that people only go to their foot lengths when choosing the right size.

So the next important step to finding the right size is to know the foot width if you want shoes that fit you properly with complete comfort and support.

  1. a) Measure the length of the widest outline by a scale
  2. b) Check the corresponding shoe chart and mark the lettering required after referring to the respective feet length.
  3. c) Men’s shoes come in C/N(Narrow), D/M(Medium), E/W(Wide) and women’s shoes come in AA(Narrow), B/M (Medium), D (Wide), EE (Extra Wide).

Besides the width and the length of the feet, there are other factors which affect your shoe size.


Other factors

  1. Arch height: Step in the sand or concrete with wet feet to know your arch height. They can be either flat, high or regular.
  2. Instep height: The slope from the toe to the ankle is a measure of the instep height. The best fit is possible if the shoe accurately fits the instep height.
  3. Proportions of the foot: The variations of toe length, heel size also play a significant role in feet dynamics when wearing a shoe.


International standards in shoe size are different. Hence the charts need to be looked according to the country from where the shoe is being bought. At the end of the day, the right fit promises the right health of the feet and ensures comfort.

Knowing the right shoe size will help you buy shoes online quickly. You would know just what shoe size will fit you and what wouldn’t and stops the hassles of returning the shoes delivered to you. Before you make a decision, be sure you know your feet size first before your shoe.

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