How to Read a Tape Measure

Are you a person whose brain shuts off whenever the topic of figures come up? Can you rather “guesstimate” compared to mathematics demanded of a specific issue? You’re not alone! Ideas of numbers and measurement can bring back!

But studying a tape measure correctly and economically is an invaluable skill for everyone-whether you are a professional home builder or even a do-it-yourself aide! However, is that the truth? Or do they simply know enough to browse the “large number” count how many small lines come beyond it?

Do they understand exactly what they imply and what these marks are? Understanding how to examine fractions would be a skill everybody should incorporate in their toolbox.

How to Read a Tape Measure

How to Read a Tape Measure:

Learn How Many “markings” Are in an Inch

This small manual is to your non-skilled-at-math on the market, so if you are unfamiliar with fractions and all of the traces onto the tape measure only look jumbled for you. . .don’t worry, this trick can aid you. Here is what- if you do not understand the number of markings of every sort of dimension have an inch, then you can not read the dimension correctly perfect?

The above mentioned guide demonstrates which you’re able to examine the next number from the marking (instance: 1/8″ or even “one-eighth of a inch) at which the “8” will be your next variety (1/8). Meaning that as soon as you’ve discovered Measure 1, and understand exactly what the 1/8″ indicating resembles, you are aware there are eight 1/8″ marks because inch. Have a look after that let us proceed to the scanning phase and give it a go.

Why The Hook On A Tape Measure Loose

You’ll observe the hook is slightly loose. That is actually by design and serves an essential function. When you press on the hook to the corner of a wall, then it is going to move 1/16 of a inch up from the true tape. After you hook it on the end of your plank and pull, then it is going to go away from the close of the tape 1/16 of the inch, and therefore compensating for the depth of your hook.

I had the joy of knowing a man who hammered down both small rivets that let the hook to maneuver, which averted the hook out of going in any way. This is bad! His dimensions were not right, and we understand why!

Difference between Imperial and Metric

You will find just two distinct numerical measurement methods – Metric and Imperial. At college I had been taught to utilize Metric but once I was in my apprenticeship I had been educated through an older craftsman who employed Imperial dimensions. I tend to operate in Imperial, however utilize Metric as it’s simpler.

Working in Imperial could be rather complex when you’re calculating Spindle spacings such as in which you want to split dimensions.



Currently, presuming that you just pulled the tape out a couple inches so…disengage the lock let go. A little bit of warning here: All these are loaded. So once you’ve extended out the tape 8 feet and opt to publish the lock, then it is going to come crying back with total disregard for what’s in its course.

If your finger, then it is going to get pinched, and it’ll hurt. To reduce injury, I suggest directing the blade of this tape back in the home together with another hand, functioning as a brake. This permits you to control just how quickly the tape travels back into, thus maintaining your finger…and maintaining the life span of your tape measure.


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