New Balance Ww928 Walking Shoe Review 2020

Are you looking for a pair of lightweight, comfortable walking shoes? Look no further, as we have what you need. New Balance WW928 Walking Shoe offers the protection and comfort that you need. We are going to tell you a lot of things about these amazing shoes, so you should read on. We will talk about some of these shoes’ pros and cons as well as some FAQs that you need to know about.

The Features of New Balance WW928 Walking Shoe

Comfortable Shoes

The New Balance WW928 Walking Shoe is the comfortable shoes you have been looking for. To give buyers durability and comfort they want, these walking sneakers for women feature leather/mesh or leather upper. In addition, these shoes absorb tons of shock giving you the stability and reliable support you need. There is also a roll bar that minimizes the movement of your rear foot.

If you have been suffering from a foot injury, you have to think about these pairs of shoes right away. In fact, these shoes will provide you with more support than many walking shoes out there. Since these shoes are made of high-quality materials, you will get a huge ROI.


Relaxing Walk

Your walk will be very relaxing experience thanks to these sneakers. With tons of cushioning and good-looking design, the WW928 Walking Shoe by New Balance is here to stay. You will enjoy these sneakers’ loose, wide heel and deep, wide toes. You can even wear insoles with them. And you can leave out the insoles that come with these shoes too. They are very well cushioned and stable.

These shoes will not twist, roll, or anything like that. If you work at a hospital and need great support, these are the shoes for you. These shoes are also very attractive and easy to buff out. Though this shoe is a little expensive but it does the right job.


These sneakers are very lightweight, nice looking and comfortable at the same time. You will not have any foot pain while wearing these sneakers after 12 hours of continuous use. Though a bit pricey, the New Balance WW928 Walking Shoe does an amazing job.

These shoes are great because they will train you just to walk properly preventing any injury over time. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, it is. You can even stand on concrete for 10 hours, and you won’t get your feet hurt. If you have been looking for great shoes that last a long time, these are the shoes for you.


The WW928 Walking Shoe by New Balance will give you the protection and stability that you have been seeking. And you won’t look like you are just wearing any shoe box out there. If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, these sneakers are for you because the pain will diminish to the point that you won’t notice it anymore. These shoes will make your gait more even because they will alter it right away.


These shoes are very stable, and you will find it great for sailing and light walking. The WW928 Walking Shoe by New Balance does not require any break-in, and they are very comfortable just out of the box. Those having off and on problems with their heel pain will find these shoes, particularly useful as they provide tons of comfort and support. In addition, you will find a lot of room in these shoe’s toe box.


  • Great walking shoes that will fit good at all times.
  • You will get all the support you want thanks to the roll bar.
  • Maximum comfort is possible thanks to these shoes.
  • These sneakers provide you with tons of comfort and support.


  • These shoes might not provide the extra width that you might need.
  • You might not feel any arch support at all.


Are these shoes lightweight?
Yes, they are very lightweight.


The WW928 Walking Shoe by New Balance provides you with the comfort and support that you have been looking for. These are the right shoes for you if you are suffering from knee pain or many other conditions. If you need shoes to relax while walking, these are the sneakers for you as they are very lightweight.

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