Olympus Tracker 10×25 Porro Prism Compact & Lightweight Binocular Review

Looking for the perfect binocular to help you out with your travel needs? If you have always faced the problem of getting a binocular that doesn’t seem heavy, and you can carry around easily, you’re probably looking for the Olympus Olympus Tracker 10×25 Porro Prism Compact & Lightweight Binocular.

Olympus Tracker 10×25 Porro Prism Compact & Lightweight Binocular Features

Olympus has been known for its stylish products and their features. Among the various cameras and binocular range in the market, they have featured another beautiful product in the market, the Olympus Tracker 10X25. It is an amazing product that has many standout specifications which makes it one of a kind in its section.

Some of its features include the following.

Prism Lens

Prism lens

Porro Prism binoculars help offer better images in great quality. They are cheaper as well and are a great option when it comes to viewing images that are bright and sharp.

This lens is carefully engineered to produce a brighter and sharper image. Olympus uses the high- index BaK-4 Porro prism glass lens in these binocular.

Silver Finish

Who doesn’t like a binocular with a finish to die for?

This Olympus binocular has amazing bodywork that makes it look different. The silver-black body finish makes a stand. Unlike its competitors that give a basic standard look, Olympus has paid attention to the appearance of their product as well. This gives it a rich look and a distinctive label to the product.

Twist – Up Cups

Most binocular users will agree to this – it’s not easy using a binocular on a sunny day. The sun glare can be too much, and you will have to watch through the binocular only by wearing a sunglass.

This offering from Olympus though has twist up cups which can mean that you can look through the binoculars anytime without any eye strain.This gives a freedom to use them whether you’re wearing sunglasses or not and depending on your needs you can customize it as well, making this a useful buy.

So if you are willing to wear those glasses because it is too bright on the trip, go ahead, this will not be a hindrance to your use of the binoculars.


Olympus Tracker 10×25 Porro Prism Compact & Lightweight BinocularIf you’re looking for a binocular that can help you look clearly even when zooming in, this is your choice. It has a high magnification of 10X. Thus you can zoom in and look for far of places magnified and clear in high resolution.

The lens along with the proper construction makes it possible to see a clear image of distant places clear and sharp.

Full Multi-Coating

Looking for a long shelf life of your binocular?

You will need a good coating of both the body and the lens. Thankfully, this Olympus model is protected well. The lens is coated with an optical compound that protects the user’s’ eye from UV rays and also maintains brightness and contrast.


The build quality is really good, and this is what makes it a sturdy gear.

It is a good combination of high strength material yet lightweight. Also, the placement of adjustment knobs is cleverly done. The focus knob is strategically placed to ease the focus adjustment.


  • The built is sturdy and durable
  • The appearance looks cool and nice
  • Easy to use
  • Useful even in low light conditions
  • Light and compact, thus easy to carry
  • Produce sharp and high-quality image


  • The lens gets dirty and wet in extreme climatic conditions


Q: Can these be used for low lighting areas?
A: Yes these are quite useful even in low light. The lens is really good when it comes to producing brighter images. It is not much of an issue for places like concerts or games and can work perfectly well.

Q: Are these durable?
A: Based upon the built the products offer, the gear looks pretty durable and can withstand small impacts.

Q: Is this gear useful for travel like a road trip?
A: Well, because of its small size, the images appear a bit small, but it is manageable. Yes, they can be a good choice for a road trip or safari.


Porro Prism binoculars generally offer better-viewing images.The Olympus Tracker 10×25 Porro Prism Compact & Lightweight Binocular is light and easy to hold and can easily fit into your pockets.

Additionally, it helps offer high-quality images that are sharp, bright and with good contrast. You can take it with you on your travels easily, making it worth for what you spend on it.

If you are looking for a quality Porro prism binocular that does the talking without you worrying about durability and having a high magnification power, don’t forget to choose this one.

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