Ryka Women’s Devotion Walking Shoe Review

What better way to enjoy your workout routine other than having the best walking shoes on? Ryka Women’s Devotion Walking Shoe equipped with a breathable air-mesh, high-density foam with upper, synthetic overlays, sock liner and a midsole that delivers cushioning support; luckily, RYKA women’s devotion walking shoe comes with all that.

So muddy fields, stony paths, and even water should be the last of your worries while having your workouts.

With a broad range of features and fine quality materials, the RYKA Women’s shoes make an excellent choice for outdoor activities. Therefore, I will take you on this journey and help learn why you should invest in this shoe.

Features of the RYKA Women’s Devotion Walking Shoe

Compared to other walking shoes, the RYKA Women’s Devotion comes with lots of benefits to desire. These shoes are designed to put the customer’s satisfaction as a priority. Here are some of the features:

Breathable air-mesh

This feature enables your feet to breathe easily without having to worry about the sweat or even annoying mesh and seams. The air-mesh ensures that your feet are relaxed and friction free.

The air-mesh also comes in handy when you want to put them on during other activities, say dancing classes. You do not have to stress about arthritis, uncomfortable feeling or any feet aches.


Lace up front

The laces at the front are to help hold your feet firmly in place. You do not want to stop trying to adjust your shoe because you feel as if it is getting off. Walking with the RYKA women’s devotion walking shoe gives you a much easier and memorable experience.

Lightweight EVA midsole

Despite the fact that they are of lightweight, we note that the shoe provides maximum support, particularly in the arch. Amazingly, the not-noticeable weight puts you in a position where walking becomes enjoyable, and no extra effort is required.

Once put on and you have embarked on walking, the shoes will make you feel like you are walking in the clouds.

Skeletal Rubber Outsole

Designed in a unique way such that its sole is made of rubber, the RYKA women’s devotion walking shoe is of promised durability. The material ensures that the shoe does not wear out quickly.

One can use the shoe for up to three to four times a week, and they would take you halfway the year (five to six months). The rubber sole also includes flex grooves to promote a natural stride.

Cushioning Insole

The RYKA Women’s’ Devotion shoe has a smooth lining. Its insole is of anatomical precise-return TM, also known as foot bed. Notably put in place for maximum cushioning to avoid heel pain. They are like walking pillows, excellent arch and heel cushion. You can even put them on during other activities that require you to be up on your feet.


  • Comfortable cushioning insole
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Outstanding technical performance


  • RYKAs shoes do run small
  • One should get them on half size bigger than normal

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can I get the shoe in different colors and sizes?
A. Yes. The RYKA women’s devotion walking shoes come in grey, pink and white. There are also different sizes to fit the widest of feet.

Q. How often should I replace my walking shoes?
A. When the inner support wears out, it is okay to purchase another pair of the RYKA Women’s shoe. For someone that walks three hundred to five hundred miles, the shoes are replaced every four to six months.

Q. After ordering, how long will delivery take?
A. Free shipping can take up to two to six working days maximum. Weather, natural disasters can interrupt transportation, but nonetheless, we will make sure that your order arrives as soon and safely.

Final verdict

Putting the interest of our clients first is our priority. Maximum comfort, no heel pain, and an excellent arch are the core reasons why you should go for the shoes. Also, lightweight remains an advantage that makes the shoe perfect for cross training and fitness walking.

These American darlings are not only for walking but also for other types of activities, for instance, cross training / Zumba type workouts. Having more structure and cushioning to protect your feet, the RYKA Women’s Devotion walking shoe is a necessity for your wall drop.

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