Saucony Progrid Integrity St2 Review

If you’ve been walking, chances are you’ve come across some of the negative aspects of walking experienced by most walkers due to the use of ill-fit footwear.

Though a neutral foot gait is highly preferred for any fitness reason. More than 40 percent of runners or walkers either overpronate or supinate. This basically means that their feet either lean outwards towards the ankle or inward towards the big toes which can be painful.

The right footwear can help you avoid and correct the most painful foot health problems. That’s why Saucony ProGrid Integrity ST2 considers as one of the best shoes for women runners and walkers.


Saucony ProGrid Integrity ST2 Review

Saucony ProGrid Integrity ST2 Women’s walking shoe is a high-quality product designed by the manufacturer; Saucony Footwear. The high-performance walking shoe has the following unbeatable features:

Grid cushioning unit

The shoe features a comfortable and highly responsive cushioning for a neutral walker that Constructed with a forefoot stretch zone and a leather-made upper, this shoe offers a more forgiving fit and extra comfort forefoot.

The ability to provide a forgiving fit prevents overcompensation of the feet. As a result, the risk of sweat and heat accumulation within the shoe that may lead to blisters, calluses, and corns is substantially reduced.

The right fitting shoe can also help you avoid the most common foot health problems such as the formation of hammer toes and bunions.

Arch support

Saucony ProGrid Integrity ST2 has an awesome arch support that gives adequate balance to your foot while running or walking. Some painful foot health problems such as Plantar fasciitis among others are caused by the improper balancing of the arch support.

With these shoes, such problems cannot be experienced, and this ensures that your health is fully covered.

High rebound compound (HRC)

The women’s walking shoe has a high rebound compound for cushioning. There are HRC pads in the rear part of the shoe to add extra cushioning to the heel strike area. HRC also provide support to the later stages of the gait cycle.

Compression Molded EVA mid-sole also provides a variable bounce as well as absorption power. The neutral shoe specially designed for the enthusiastic walker or runner who needs to be enhanced honing.

The walk track

The walk track feature can’t go unmentioned. This is the outsole design of the women’s walking shoe intended to enhance, promote, and support a gait cycle through the outsole and insole that is all natural.

In addition to glide control, it provides extra cushioning. Other features such as internal lining, roomy toe box, plush collar and tongue keep these shoes comfortable from the time you slide in them.

Style and appearance

The shoes’ style and appearance are quite trendy. It is available in three colors, stone, white, and black to match any work or fitness need. The choices are somehow limited, but I think the white one appears great.

Its unique design covers all the usability parameters yet not compromising its aesthetic appearance. It is also suitable for casual wear.

The XT-900 non-marking compound of rubber makes this footwear ultra-durable and provides a reliable grip heedless of the workout surface. Heel ProGrid assists in the absorption of extra shock and impact.


The shoe weighs 9.8 oz. I like the shoes that are light weight and to me this makes it a more superior choice among the other walking shoes. Lightweight increases comfort and enable me to walk for long distances without pains and aches.


The breathability of Saucony ProGrid Integrity ST2 is quite standard. The upper, being made of leather doesn’t allow for maximum breathability, and this hinders prolonged usage of the shoe. However, the top lacing design tries to make up for this.


  • A high class and quality appearance
  • Very comfortable and supportive
  • Ideal for any person suffering from any foot health problem
  • Designed for walkers, but also ideal for runners


  • Inadequate venting
  • Limited color choice

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Question: Can one remove the insole to insert orthotics?
Answer: Yes, you can remove the insole to add orthotics. But the shoe is still comfortable even without orthotics

Question: Do these women walking shoes run true to size?
Answer: Yes, the shoes runs true to size.
Question: What are the height measurements of these shoes?
Answer: The height of the heel is about 1.5 inches and the sole part around 1 inch high.

My Summary and Verdict

To sum it all, the combination of durability, appearance, comfort, affordability, gorgeous style and appearance, mentioning just a few, makes it one of the best purchase you’ll ever make. I am certain that Saucony ProGrid Integrity ST2 is a high-quality shoe that offers good value for money.

So, if you’re looking for a ladies sport shoe from a well thought of brand, then I have no hesitation recommending this one for you.

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