Types of Sewing Machine Explained

There are different types of sewing machine in the market. All are not similar to each other. Some different features you will find in different sewing machines. Just for example if you want to embroidery you need an embroidery machine that offers you some extra feature for embroidery. In this post, I describe 4 types of sewing machines. So let’s have a look.

Four Types of Sewing Machine Explained

Electric sewing machines

A basic sewing machine has a motor in the body which control the bobbin and feed dogs in the lower part and drive the needle in the top part of the machine.

The motor is driven by the foot paddle that normally offered a different range of speed. The harder you put your leg down the faster it sew. You can sew a reasonable size and stitch with this machine. It can sew more accurate and faster than the old manual models.

Computerized sewing machines

These types of machine can do everything like an electric machine and also lot more. This machine is controlled by the computer chips with correct tension, size, width, and also has programmed that can sew each stitch style.

They are operated with a computer screen and a touchpad. The computer drives the motor at high speed to move the needle bar up and down and side to side in the specific stitch pattern. You can use your pc program.

You just download the program from your PC. The machine is able to memorize the past work and also able to store different stitches for you to select from.

Overlocker machines

Overlocker sewing machine is normally used to stop wearing and provide a proficient finish to the seams of apparel. An Overlocker sews faster than a sewing machine. It also has an attachment that enables it to be particularly sewing rolled borders, gathering and attaching bindings.

You can use a normal machine to arrange control but you have to cut the fabric physically, and then set the machine to zig zag sew which takes time and creates a small edge.

You can buy an overlocker as you sewing machine but it has some limitation and you can’t do as you like. Before buy you must need to know what it’s able to do.

Embroidery sewing machines

Some embroidery sewing machine is only “embroidery sewing machine”. They can’t work on a regular sewing machine. The embroidery sewing machine is normally used in commercial front.

If you want to buy an embroidery machine, then you have to pay high. There is some sewing machine that offers embroidery also.

The newer embroidery sewing machine is computerized that help you to get a better sewing result. As a home sewer sometimes you need only be doing part time embroidery so you could probably choose by one of the combination machines similar the Brother Se400.

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