Vionic By Orthaheel Kona Mesh Lace Up Women’s Sneakers Review

Imagine how great it would be if you need to wear sneakers all day long and still experience no pain? Well, Orthaheel technology has changed this imagination into reality. The Vionic by Orthaheel Kona Mesh Lace Up Women’s Sneakers is an innovative, stylish and comfortable product that provides you a soothing walking experience.

Having APMA Seal of Acceptance and also the recommendation by Dr. Andrew Weil, the product is becoming immensely popular these days. The Orthaheel technology and the podiatric design provides you a very comforting experience at a very low price.

These sneakers by Vionic with Orthaheel technology is known to have some amazing features which makes it unique from other sneakers. The reviews by the customers and their satisfaction are fantastic.

This Vionic by Orthaheel Kona Mesh  Lace Up Women’s Sneakers Review will tell you just what and how the sneakers can work wonders.


The Features of  Vionic by Orthaheel Kona Mesh Lace Up Women’s Sneakers

Amazing style and colors

The sneaker is designed with Orthaheel technology brings style and technology together in a single product. The product has meshed texture which makes it attractive and has a thick sole.

The product is available in a variety of colors and has a removable footbed. The Lace-Up design with Kona style makes you fall in love with the product at first sight and the good color choices mean that you can just pick one up that you like.


Nobody wants to wear something uncomfortable. Vionic by Orthaheel Kona Mesh Lace Up Women’s Sneakers has biomechanical orthotic footbed which has deep heel cups that stabilizes supports and aligns the feet in their natural position it making it very comfortable to wear.

It also has flexible EVA midsole which helps in absorbing shock and reduces stress on feet, ankles and knees. The fabric lining is designed to keep the feet fresh and dry.

Durable and Lightweight

One of the features which one considers before buying any product is the durability of the product. The sneakers are highly durable with a sturdy outsole and textured tread that offers traction on a variety of surfaces. It has a flexible and lightweight rubber outsole which provides stability on hard flat floors.

Reduces pain – Plantar Fasciitis Support

The Orthaheel technology eliminates the common causes of plantar fasciitis, heel/knee pain which occurs due to overpronation and flat feet. It has a four-degree arch support that stabilizes your instep and helps to prevent excess pronation.

The sole and cushions align the feet in natural position and reduce the pain in the feet, ankles and knees. This is the best walking/running shoe for those people who are suffering from plantar fasciitis, heel or knee pain.

Low cost and good fit

The fitting of the sneakers is excellent and is true to size. It also has a broad range of sizes available which makes it a good fit for people with different feet size. It has action lacing system which makes it a more flexible bit.

Vionic by Orthaheel Kona Mesh Lace-Up Sneakers is available on Amazon at around $$$ only which makes it very cheap compared to other products. The features and comfort available at such a low price is simply amazing.


  • Lightweight, durable and comfortable feet
  • Designed with orthaheel technology to reduce pain
  • Low cost and durable product
  • Excellent fit and different sizes available


  • Less spacing for toes
  • Poor stability after extended use

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Do you recommend these for running?
A: Yes. This is a very comfortable shoe for walking and running.

Q: Does this shoe have a removable orthotic?
A: Yes it does. Easy to remove and re-insert.

Q: What is the best way to clean these sneakers?
A: I put mine in the washer on gentle and do not dry them.

Final Verdict

The sneakers with all these features make it one of the best designs available in the market today. The level of comfort and satisfaction one feels on wearing the sneakers is worth the price.

The product is ideal for women who need to wear sneakers for long hours as it gives extra support and stability and thus a soothing experience.

Vionic by Orthaheel Kona Mesh Lace Up Women’s Sneakers is value for money without any doubt. Hope this Vionic by Orthaheel Kona Mesh Lace Up Women’s Sneakers Review was a useful one.

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