Vionic With Orthaheel Technology Walker Review

Often, choosing the right shoe involves a lot of careful analysis and only paying a lot of money does not fetch us what is best-suited for our feet. Imagine how wonderful it would be if your feet could withstand the most strenuous of activities throughout the day while experiencing almost no pain or discomfort? Yes, Vionic With Orthaheel Technology Walker Can make you feel comfortable.

Orthaheel Technology has brought about a revolution in the footwear industry with its Vionic Men’s Walker Shoes. This Vionic With Orthaheel Technology Walker Review talks about it.

Features of Vionic With Orthaheel Technology Walker

Customized Design

Vionic Men’s Walker shoes are customized in a way so as to allow you to carry on activities such as slow-pace walking, brisk walking, and light running effortlessly by reducing the physical pressure and tension which other shoes are unable to overcome.

This is the result of the innovative technology used by Vionic which has enabled the Men’s Walker Shoes to be perfect for daily activities of such nature. The body of the shoe made from premium quality leather and the sole has been hand-made to give you great pleasure during use.



The Orthaheel Men’s Walker shoes feature a fantastic built-in motion-controlling footbed which makes your feet feel like they are resting on feathers. At the same time, a contoured arch support and a deep heel cup allow you to have a firm grip on the ground with your feet.

You can comfortably align your stride as per your needs. The fabric which has been used in these shoes is designed to keep your feet dry during most of the strenuous physical exercise.


While most of the sports footwear festers a horde of unhygienic elements over even a mildly extended period of time of use, with the Vionic Men’s Walker Shoes you are assured of having your feet and shoes free of bacteria.

Even when it comes to foot odor, most of the sports footwear products aren’t equipped to prevent it. In Vionic footwears, the Podiatrist-developed biomechanical removable orthotic comprises an anti-bacterial top cloth to control foot odor, which is unique to this shoe.

Beneficial for Plantar Fasciitis

For those suffering from plantar fasciitis, the only solution might seem to buy expensive equipment. These types of equipment are expected to treat their condition and ease the various difficulties they experience while carrying out fitness activities involving legs. However, there is a cheaper alternative out there.

Vionic Man’s Walker Shoes is an affordable alternative that ensures that users get optimum comfort and stability. For those wearing it, it guarantees that the condition does not worsen during strenuous activities.

On using these shoes, you will certainly be able to make visible improvements that can help you in the treatment of Plantar Fasciitis.


Wouldn’t it be great to know that your fitness goals are not only being achieved faster but also facilitated by the equipment that you’re using? A lot depends on how well your body is supported by the gear you use.

With a water-resistant upper bed and molded midsole having a built-in 0.5 level elevation for a smooth movement at the heel-to-toe strike zone, the Vionic Men’s Walker shoes assure you the satisfaction of knowing that your lower body is performing at optimal levels.


  • Great Comfort and Support
  • Efficient Design
  • Low Price
  • High Reliability
  • Great Aesthetics


  • Less spacing for toes
  • Choosing the right size may not be very easy


Q: Can these shoes be used for sprinting?
A: Yes, I have used them for sprinting over a period of the past few months and have had no troubles.

Q: What is the best way to clean these shoes? 
A: You can put them in the washer and set the washing level to easy to mild for best results.

Q: Can these shoes be used for flat feet?
A: Yes, my son uses them and faces no problems despite having flat feet.

Final Verdict 

This Vionic With Orthaheel Technology Walker shoe Review talks about shoes that are designed to fit your daily fitness needs in the best way possible. Offering some unique features, buying the Vionic Men’s Walker shoes makes for a great deal considering the low price you have to pay for them.

Regarding reliability, these shoes undoubtedly offer one of the longest lives and are sure to be worthy of every penny, and this is the best walking shoes for plantar fasciitis.

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